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Survival horror indie game

Granny is a survival horror game developed by DVloper, where you must escape your granny’s house in five days. The game is among a large number of games that gained a massive following through YouTube. These games include Among Us, Slitherio, and even the competitor Baldi’s Basics. Granny can be purchased and downloaded on Steam for computers.


Granny’s primary draw is the titular antagonist, Granny. You, as the player, are trapped inside of a house and pursued by a mysterious old woman who seeks to keep you there forever. You have a total of five days to escape, after which it’s ‘game over.’

Granny is attracted to noises, meaning that moving too quickly or recklessly risks alerting her of your presence. When Granny is alerted, she will sprint to the source of the sound that alerted her, which can be used for distractions. If you’re caught by Granny, you’ll be knocked unconscious and wake up back in the starting room the next day.

Granny can’t be defeated with weaponry, as anything you attack her with will only stuns her temporarily. This includes hitting her with a tranquilizer dart fired from the crossbow or shooting her with a shotgun. However, these can be used to permanently dispatch other hazards such as her pets.

The player can escape the house by unlocking the front door or leaving through a car in the garage.


Granny’s largest deterrence is the graphics of the game. While it’s an indie title, the game has an overall dated and unpolished style. What may be creepy at the first appearance, becomes comical with repeat encounters due to the low resolution of textures and blocky character models. Whether or not this was a deliberate choice by the developer is unclear.


As an indie horror game, Granny has a great deal of competition with other indie horror games. Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF), Baldi’s Basics, and In Silence all share plenty of ideas similar to Granny. FNAF features enemies attracted to sound and relentless pursuit. Baldi’s Basics and In Silence also share this quality of sound, but In Silence is different in that it's multiplayer-based.

Our take

Granny is a low-price, short survival horror game. Unfortunately, the graphics are enough to turn some players off after the first playthrough.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you can ignore the dated graphics of the game.


  • Replayability
  • Unique application of gameplay mechanics


  • Extremely low quality visuals

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Grannyfor Windows

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