Stranger of Paradise - Final Fantasy Originfor Windows



Paid tactical role-playing game

Stranger of Paradise - Final Fantasy Origin by Square Enix is a paid role-playing game that features in the same franchise as Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIV, serving as an origin story. You’ll take the role of Jack, one of the warriors drawn into a new world. With your intentions set on destroying the antagonist Chaos, everything will get in your way to stop you.

While the game features the same action style as many of the other Final Fantasy titles, you can employ magical and physical attacks too. You’ll have two companions by your side, who are as determined as you to stop all evil. However, your team members will question their beliefs about whether or not they are the chosen ones.

Lush environments and battles

As with most FF games, Stranger of Paradise - Final Fantasy Origin delivers top-notch graphics, animations, and battle effects. You’ll also see beautiful locations and stunning character designs. Of course, all this beauty comes at a price, so you can expect to need high-end computer resources to run it perfectly.

Combat mechanics

While you’re playing through the story, you’ll be able to switch between assignments. You’ll have physical and magical damage available, while your goal is to deplete the opponent’s break gauge. Once done, you can perform your finishing move to turn your enemy into a crystal to help restore your magic bar.

Detailed storyline

You can expect numerous hours of gameplay with Stranger of Paradise - Final Fantasy Origin. Square Enix is known for making these plots as long as possible, sometimes making you sit through them for days. Everything revolves around the setting of the first FF game and destroying the antagonist Chaos.

Our take

Stranger of Paradise - Final Fantasy Origin is a new action-adventure RPG that takes you back to the beginning. If you’re a fan of the FF series, this is your opportunity to see how it all began in high-definition settings and new features. There’s a fine balance between the detailed storyline, epic battles with powers, and beautiful visuals

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise or love action role-playing games.


  • Stunning locations and graphics
  • Epic battle scenarios
  • Long, detailed storyline
  • Intense combat action


  • Heavy PC requirements

Stranger of Paradise - Final Fantasy Originfor Windows


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