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An interesting and unique RPG adventure

Papers, Please is an engaging, unique, and fun game for Windows PCs. In this RPG simulation, you serve as an immigration inspector, checking everyone’s papers at the border. Your job is to stop criminals and smugglers from entering the country while following all kinds of immigration laws. In this process, you need to make tough choices, which could affect families, relationships, and lives.

A well-designed simulation game for Windows

Papers, Please is a popular role-playing game, which is set in a Soviet-style fictional country. As an immigration officer, you need to diligently check documents, interrogate visitors, consider deceitful applications, and choose to separate children from their families. In order to keep intruders from trespassing into the country, you need to make a lot of tough choices.

What’s the plot?

As mentioned earlier, the game is set in a Soviet-style country with multiple cities and towns, including Arstotzka, Kolechia, and Grestin. The main character doesn’t earn much and needs to pay penalties every now and then. With every level in the game, the paperwork process gets more complicated. While families try to illegally enter the country, smugglers attempt to sneak in drugs, weapons, and other objects.

Like Grand Theft Auto V and Warcraft III, this Windows game offers the perfect combination of efficiency, tough choices, curiosity, and decision-making. As an immigration inspector in 1982, you need to scrutinize hundreds of documents on a daily basis. Even some spies try to enter the country, and therefore, you need to keep a check on fake IDs, expired paperwork, lying trespassers, etc. The game also has fingerprint systems, which can be used to authenticate visitors.

The strategy game is based on the backdrop of the Cold War. Therefore, it becomes even more important for the immigration officer to keep a check on everything. But with various incentives for breaking the rules, you’re always tempted to take money from anti-social elements. However, if you’re caught, it can lead to heavy penalties and other dire consequences.

Is Papers, Please engaging?

The game gets more interesting with every visitor trying to test your compassion, empathy, and loyalty. While considering the well-being of your family and loved ones, you need to give others a chance for survival. Every day on the job ends with a specific score, which defines your earnings, penalties, expenses, bribes, and other parameters.

With your wife, you need to pay for food, medicine, tuition, rent, heat, and other essentials. Since you don’t earn a lot on the job, bribes take centerstage. The character can’t afford to pay for everything without taking bribes. Thus, in this RPG, you make discreet attempts to extract money from travelers, immigrants, and criminals.

What about the game modes?

While games like Fortnite Battle Royale depend on a multiplayer setting, Papers, Please takes a different route. There’s a Story mode, which focuses on paperwork. In this version of the game, you need to take moral decisions, while other offices keep a check on your habits and earnings. Throughout the game, you need to separate families, engage with criminals, deny entries to immigrants, etc.

On committing mistakes in the paperwork, you need to pay a heavy fine to the Ministry of Admission. Over time, this leaves you with less money for food, medicine, heat, etc. Simply put, this Window game requires you to make tough choices to keep your family safe.

Once you’re done with the Story mode, you should try the game’s Endless version. While this mode offers fewer surprises, it comes with various chapters, including Timed, Perfection, and Endurance. In this mode, you need to focus on a fixed storyline, making choices that take you from one level to another.

Our take

Whether you’re a fan of role-playing games or strategy games, Papers, Please will not disappoint. The well-designed adventure ride proves to be a lot of fun. Set in the Cold era, the game requires you to make moral choices, which affect your own livelihood and survival. In a simulation-style setting, Papers, Please has been winning the hearts of people around the world.

Should you download it?

Unlike other popular titles, Papers, Please doesn’t come with next-gen sounds or graphics. However, the storyline keeps you engaged with various game mechanics combined with interesting plots. Overall, the game is an excellent choice for Windows PCs.


  • Gives a unique perspective on RPGs
  • Offers challenging gameplay
  • Comes with an engaging storyline


  • Graphics need to be updated

Papers, Pleasefor Windows


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