Final Fantasy VIIfor Windows


An epic RPG adventure for the PC!

15 years have passed since Final Fantasy was first released. Considered a milestone in gaming, the name holds strong among purists. With Final Fantasy VII, you can relive the experience right on your desktop. A captivating storyline keeps you engaged, while several customization options ensure improved gameplay. With stunning graphics, Final Fantasy VII will deliver an unimaginable experience.

Nostalgic storyline, modern features, and character boosters

It’s a great choice for anyone looking to embark on a role-playing gaming adventure.

Final Fantasy VII has been one of the few games to build a cult following. The game has created some of the most unforgettable and beloved characters. Although the expectations were high, developer Square Enix comes through once again to create a title that will add to the successful reputation of the Final Fantasy line. 

Captivating storylines

Cloud, a tough mercenary, joins Avalanche, a group of eco-terrorists. Their goal is to fight Shinra, an evil energy company located in Midgar. With his friends, Cloud bombs a few reactors and leads an infiltrating crew into Shinra’s headquarters. On arriving at the scene, it is discovered that the company’s president has been killed by a warrior called Sephiroth.

It's here where the drama begins to truly unfold. Sephiroth has a much bigger plan....and if your character is on stand-by, the planet will soon fall into an abyss of demise. Will you be the one to chase the killer around the world?

These shenanigans are rampant throughout the game. You'll also find interesting storylines around an evil doctor (Hojo), a kleptomaniac (Yuffie), an abusive scientist (Cid), a spy (Cait Sith), and a clerk (Vincent).

The multi-faceted storyline takes several interesting turns to keep fans engaged. It’s a journey filled with nostalgia, one which lets you indulge with popular characters and their lives once again.

Familiar battle system with improvements

In its original form, Final Fantasy VII allows players to choose their field messages, battle messages, and speed for battle. This title also includes an amazing speed up feature, to let you instantly accelerate gameplay by three times. If you’re in a hurry to finish a level, just press down on your left analog stick.

The faster gameplay doesn’t affect the soothing music. Similarly, you keep navigating through the menu at the same speed. As soon as you start playing, you realize the importance of menu navigation. The Materia system plays a huge role, letting you power up party members with summons, skills, and more.

Players can load Materia for armor and weapons, with several slots available for different levels. Earning ‘Ability Points’ gives you the freedom to level up Materia and as a result, acquire advanced skills.

The game even has ‘Support Materia’, which can be used to empower your existing Materia collection. You can choose from endless combinations in the game. It’s still one of the most interesting battle systems in the entire series.

Visually stimulating graphics

When it was released for the Playstation, Final Fantasy VII was a visually stimulating technical marvel. The PC version decided to build upon those aspects and improve the FMV-style cutscenes and blocky character models.  Smooth and stunning are merely two words that can describe how good they look.

All in all, Final Fantasy VII takes you on a journey back in time, while keeping you in touch with the benefits of modern-day on-screen artistry.

Several new features introduced

The game comes with several new features and improvements, such as character boosters, Cloud saves, achievements, PC-specific optimization options, and more. During gameplay, you’re rewarded with up to 36 achievements. You can also share progress online, and view your friends’ activity.

With the inclusion of Cloud saves, you don’t have to worry about pausing mid-way or losing progress. If you’re using a stable internet connection, game saves are uploaded to servers automatically. It allows you to simply resume the game on any operating system or computer.

Additionally, Final Fantasy VII comes with a feature called character booster. It allows players stuck on a level to increase Gil, MP, and HP. With such subtle improvements, Square Enix has ensured that the game maintains its nostalgic appeal and integrates several improvements to engage new players.

Where can you run this program?

Final Fantasy VII has been developed for several platforms and operating systems. It’s available for Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Playstation, and Nintendo.

Is there a better alternative?

Though Final Fantasy VII is an excellent choice, you might be looking for alternatives in the RPG category. If you’re on such a quest, try Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. It’s an amazing adventure game with stunning visuals and an interesting storyline. The gameplay is action-packed, which takes you through several dangers, secrets, and puzzles. The only problem is that battles can be long and confusing for beginners.

Another good choice is FreedroidRPG. The storyline focuses on a world destroyed by battles between humans and robots. Inspired by a Star Wars-like concept, this game lets you play as Tux, who fights numerous murderous rebel robots to save the world. Players can customize levels as per their gaming style. However, since it’s an open-source project, graphics look dull at the moment.

Our take

While some purists wouldn’t like the idea of turning Final Fantasy VII into an action-oriented role-playing game, the battle system feels like the best of both worlds. Experienced players as well as beginners will have a great time playing this amazing offering from Square Enix.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! While the game is more action-oriented, which might bother purists, it’s still a fun ride down memory lane. 


  • Great storytelling
  • PC-specific optimization options
  • Game saves are automatically uploaded
  • Comes with character boosters


  • Not available in HD

Final Fantasy VIIfor Windows

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