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The 2.5d horror platformer returns

Little Nightmares 2 sees the grand return of the atmospheric 2.5d horror adventure game where everything big is scary and dangerous. This time, players control the new protagonist Mono and his trusty sidekick, and the original protagonist, Six, as they progress through their journey. Players who enjoyed the original Little Nightmares will find themselves at home with the beautiful scenery and familiar gameplay. 

Little Nightmares 2 has a unique art style that can only be found in a select few games, Bendy and the Ink Machine being one of them. Players may also enjoy Hello Neighbor as another horror-inspired alternative.

A familiar Atmosphere

Little Nightmares 2 continues the feeling of helplessness by throwing the player into intense, high-stakes hide-and-seek situations. Through various set pieces in a different locale, players must bash their way through obstacles in front of them and work with Six's AI to overcome puzzles preventing progression. 

Very few games are able to capture the feeling of dread like Little Nightmares 2, with their beautiful yet often fear-inducing backdrops that make the player feel small, dreading every step forward. Accompanied with the eerie music, these set pieces often cause enough panic to see you wiping your hands on your shirt to dry them. 

Little Nightmares 2 mixes up the mechanics

Little Nightmares 2 places greater emphasis on the protagonist's ability to fight back by implementing more combat mechanics that were absent in the previous title. Mono can wield almost larger than self weapons and take the fight to critters that would otherwise squish him. 

The implementation of combat mechanics certainly adds further depth to the gameplay. Still, we can't help but feel as though they are a secondary mechanic. Controls often feel outlandishly unintuitive with delays in button press and swing speed. We imagine this style of combat was deliberate as to enhance panic and cause the player to frantically fight not only with the enemy but themselves as well. 

However, throughout the game, these moments feel tedious instead of awe-inspiring; the same can be said about the various chase scenes in the game. The controls often feel counterintuitive when placed into intense situations, as we often ran in a slightly different direction than was meant due to camera changes, controls being unresponsive with directional input, and more. 

Hit or miss puzzles

Part and parcel of a puzzle game is having an intuitive way to give completion hints to the player. Unfortunately, Little Nightmares 2 can seem infuriating when the game refuses to indicate what the player needs to do to progress. Being able to find the solution, in some cases, depends on the player's personal curiosity and problem-solving abilities rather than indicators accurately laid out by the game. 

On the other hand, sequences like the maze towards the latter half of the game offer an immersive puzzle experience that'll make the player ask why the rest of the game wasn't the same. 

Is Little Nightmares 2 Scary

Scary is a subjective measurement, and feeling scared or fear will be dependent on what you personally find scary or frightening. Little Nightmares 1 and 2 differs by excelling at creating a creepy, unsettling atmosphere that leads to unease and a fear of what comes next. 

Players may feel emotionally drained while they fear what comes next, have to pause at seeing something their brain innately dislikes, or from sheer panic after failing an intense set piece multiple times.

Our take?

Little Nightmares 2 is a game like no other; following its predecessor, it provides a unique world and experience for the player. Those who enjoy horror, unsettling experiences, or a creepy art style will love this game. 

One key downside is the length of the game. A casual playthrough to complete the game will take about 7 hours, give or take time spent overcoming challenges and puzzles. Despite the game offering enjoyable and intense experiences, many will wish that it had more to offer. 

Should you download it?

If you enjoyed the first Little Nightmares or are looking for a thrilling adventure, you should pick up this sequel. You'll find yourself enthralled by the beautiful scenery while simultaneously feeling panic at the creatures and obstacles in front of you. 


  • Incredibly atmospheric
  • Intense set-pieces
  • Beautiful and unique art style and designs


  • Clunky controls
  • Lengthy gameplay

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Little Nightmares IIfor Windows


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