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A paid horror game

Little Nightmares 2 is the sequel to Little Nightmares and a suspense-filled adventure game available on PC and consoles such as PS4. As you journey, you'll need to outsmart characters and make sense of the signal tower. The game is full of memorable events and a chilling atmosphere.

Thrilling Adventure

The story of Little Nightmares 2 continues from where the first title left off with Six escaping from the Maw. The world is just as dangerous, and if you're only getting into the series now, you'll still enjoy the atmosphere. Journey to the signal tower and decide for yourself if you trust Six. 


The game uses a 3D side-scrolling mechanic as you walk through the dark and dreary world. You'll have to solve puzzles and move obstacles to travel across wide gaps or up mountains. These same features are a component of the many boss battles you'll experience.

Additionally, there is a higher focus on exploration than in the previous title. You'll have to find and pick up objects and throw them to avoid traps or alerting any enemies.


As this game is a direct continuation, you may want to play Little Nightmares before you download this title. The story relies on trusting Six, which you're likely against as she often leads you to danger that's inescapable without her help. There are also a few plot points that link back to the previous title.

World Design

The world of Little Nightmares 2 is eerie and filled with dark aspects. As you're walking past and solving puzzles, you'll see the swings move and the dark trees within the forest. Once you reach the buildings, things aren't much brighter as it all resembles a dreary Victorian era.

Our take

Little Nightmares is a brilliant game with a story to tell, almost like Undertale but without the impact of making choices. However, it's thrilling atmosphere rivals that of Bendy and the Ink Machine as you move across the stylistic world. Overall, the game is a joy to play and answers a few questions from the previous title.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you've played Little Nightmares or are merely looking for a fun and thrilling adventure, this game is a great choice to download.


  • Thrilling gameplay
  • Amazing world design
  • Great cast of characters


    Little Nightmares IIfor Windows


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