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Founded in 2003 by Gilad Japhet, MyHeritage is a free online platform that allows you to research your ancestral lineage. It lets you insert an ancestor’s name to find how far your family tree goes back in time.

How does MyHeritage work?

By typing in the name of a deceased ancestor, the application will then run a diagnosis. Results may vary if users aren’t particular, but are always fairly accurate, ensuring that users find their family tree. MyHeritage also includes a variety of other features, including DNA Testing and a Family Tree Builder. You can also perform searches by census records, pictures, military records, newspapers, immigration records, or by hiring a researcher to do it all for you.

The app has also recently implemented a new feature that allows you to animate the faces in your family pictures. A short video clip is then created that allows you to watch your family tree being reenacted.

How accurate is it?

Founded in 2003, MyHeritage has had many years to cultivate its platform and provide accurate results for its users. However, their DNA results sometimes miss out on critical ancestral data and health information. MyHeritage has more records in European countries than in others.

Is it free?

Signing up with this application is fully free. Basic sites are free to create and can hold up to 250 members in your family tree. If you end up needing more space for family members, you can upgrade to a premium version. MyHeritage offers three premium plans that can be paid monthly or annually.

Animate your ancestors

MyHeritage has added a feature called Deep Nostalgia whereby you can upload an image of your ancestors to animate it. You'll choose the effects you want to apply, creating scenes where it looks like they're speaking.

Our take

It’s easy to find websites and applications that will help you discover more about your ancestry, but few of them offer the quality that MyHeritage does. MyHeritage is an accurate and reliable way to get the results you’re looking for with little to no hassle.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’ve ever been interested in your family tree and have no immediate access to a genealogy chart, then MyHeritage is for you. Whether you’re trying it out for fun, study purposes, or something else, it’s a good platform with accurate results.


  • Free to use
  • Fair pricing
  • Accurate results


  • Complex interface for new users
  • Website/application tends to freeze
  • DNA results aren’t always accurate

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