Remind: School Communicationfor iOS



Keep in contact with students

This app has resources to help you engage with your students and their parents more directly. No more unread emails and letters being thrown in the bin.

An easier approach to school communication

Make reminding your students about various assignments more efficient by sending them app notifications instead of emails.

Keep everyone informed on due dates and upcoming events by sending them reminders and homework via Remind. As a teacher, you have control over the program, and can set messages from your mobile device or computer. Notifications can be received through text messages, emails, or just by logging onto the site.

Remind people of the due dates for homework and projects. Everybody has their own profile and can view their assignments. If you do have any difficulty understanding how the program works, you can use the helpful tutorial to learn the software and teach it to your class.

Upload homework through documents and sheets that students can do online or print off at home. You can do this through the announcement feature, which tells your class what the assignment is about. Bear in mind that this has a 140-character limit, so the announcement will read like a Tweet. You can alternatively attach a file explaining what the task is.

Although users can’t respond to announcements, they can communicate with you using the direct message feature. This allows students to ask questions without the worry of others laughing because someone may ask a dumb question. It also means that they can request help at any time outside of school hours.

You can also send messages to parents and let them contact you through Remind. Instead of letters and emails that may not reach their destination, this app provides direct communication between both parties. You can be sure that parents have received information because there is a feature where the recipient must send confirmation that they’ve seen the alert.

Where can you run this program?

Remind is installable on Apple devices using iOS 10.0 and newer. There is also an Android version and you need Android 4.4 to run this app on your device.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. BAND lets you post homework or other announcements without a text limit. Students can also respond to announcements by commenting, which is useful if others were going to ask the same question.

Our take

This program is an innovative way to keep communication steady between teachers, parents, and students, without you having to give people your cell phone number.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want a paper-free method of communication that is sure to reach everyone, this is the right app for you.


  • Schedule messages
  • Upload files, photos and videos to the app
  • Communication with students and parents


  • 140-character limit for announcements
  • Students can’t reply to announcement directly
  • Can’t RSVP for events

Remind: School Communicationfor iOS


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