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Take better screenshots with the free Screenshot Captor application

Screenshot Captor is a lightweight application that does more than just capture screenshots. The application can also be used to add annotations to screenshots, resize them and annotate them. Screenshot captor is a good application for users who frequently work with screenshots and require more than just a standard screenshot to get their job done. Similar applications include Bandicam and AMCap.

More useful screenshots

Screenshot Captor comes with several features that make it easier to create screenshots and use them. Except for being able to capture screenshots, the application can also automatically name and organize captured images which helps to keep your image library organized.

Automatically detect new screenshots

Screenshot Captor automatically detects new screenshots when they are added to the screenshots folder on your computer. When a new screenshot is detected the application can automatically catalogue it to keep your screenshot collection in order.

Our take

Screenshot Captor features built-in sharing tools that allow you to upload captured images to social media sites automatically. This feature makes it possible to share captured screenshots with your friends and family instantly and eliminates the need to manually share items with a third party application. The app also allows you to capture images directly from your screen as and when you need them.

Should you download it?

Yes, you definitely should. Screenshot Captor allows you to add annotations and other items like call-out bubbles to your screenshots. The app comes with a library of different screenshot annotation tools that can be used to improve your screenshots. This is a great tool for when you need to use screenshots as part of a presentation.


  • Fast, easy to use and lightweight application.
  • Can be used by people with a variety of different skill levels.
  • The app has an interesting user interface and clean control layout.
  • The application is minimally intrusive when working.


  • Only available for Windows-based operating systems.
  • Multi-monitor screenshot capturing can be confusing for some users.
  • Auto share functionality only supports certain social media networks.
  • No regular updates available.

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Screenshot Captorfor Windows


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