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A free screen recorder

AMCap is a free screen recorder for your Windows computer that saves both recordings and screen captures. The application is easy to use and will automatically detect devices that connect to your PC. However, the interface for the app is unpleasant and visually cluttered.

Record your webcam

AMCap is a free tool that records your screen and captures audio. As the app saves both video and audio information, it's ideal for recording through your webcam. Using the software is straightforward and simple to set up.

From the menu, you can enable the app to record either your webcam or screen. Before you can save the footage from any external camera, you’ll need to enable preview mode. This program will stream your webcam to your desktop, allowing AMCap to record it.

Easy to use

Overall, the application presents an uncomplicated setup, as it will automatically recognize your devices such as screens and webcams. The app installs with a few clicks on the installer, requiring only a few minutes. Every menu option is labeled clearly and easily found once you are accustomed to the layout.

Cluttered interface

The AMCap's interface is horribly cluttered and a pain to navigate on your first few attempts. Usually, remembering the keyboard command for a commonly used function will save you time from searching the menu. The toolbar, menu bar, and status bar are quickly accessed and show their many options with a single click.

Advanced options

One of the most useful advanced options is setting up the software to take photos of your screen periodically. This can be done on command or by using a timer. The app can also record audio from a specified source, allowing you to isolate your webcam or headset's noise.

Our take

AMCap is a free and straightforward way to record your screen or webcam for personal use. It does have powerful alternatives such as iSpy and VirtualDub. While the menu of this app is hard to navigate at the beginning, every item is well-labeled and displayed clearly.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're looking for a hassle-free way to record your webcam or desktop screen, this app is a fantastic choice.


  • Screenshot your webcam
  • Automatically detects devices
  • Advanced settings


  • Poorly-designed interface

AMCapfor Windows


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