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Free document scanning app

Free Scanner Software is a document scanning app created by Media Freeware, an open-source software developer that creates customized applications for users. These programs range from scanning utilities to body mass index calculators. Their scanner doesn’t reinvent the wheel but makes the process undemanding.

What are the main functions?

Free Scanner Software offers you a minimalistic interface. Features are strictly limited to rotating, resizing images, removing borders, and flipping. The icons are outdated but are easily recognizable.

Other network clients

The NAPS2 iteration offers an updated product with added features. It’s freeware too and is maintained constantly. A paid option like Adobe Acrobat is a market leader because its app offers editing tools, varying export formats, and digital-signature options. However, in the realm of powerful freeware alternatives, you have many to choose from: NAPS2, ABBYY Finereader, and Readiris boast robust offerings with user-friendly interfaces.

What are the system requirements?

Due to the basic functionality of the program, it isn’t as demanding as its competitors. Even if you’re running an outdated Windows Vista on your machine, you can utilize the scanner. Apart from the above frameworks, there aren’t any CPU-draining functions.

Our take

This product offering gives you everything you need from a document scanner. But you’ll find yourself frustrated due to the limited functionalities and the interface is highly outdated. You would be better off using pre-installed options provided by Windows. Basic functionality and support are offered with the pre-installed Windows scanner.

Should you download it?

No. Considering that the developer no longer offers the program on their website, downloading this software is not recommended and support is no longer provided.


  • User-friendly setup
  • Limited functionality makes the application compact


  • Limited paper-size printing options
  • Doesn’t support ocular character recognition
  • Drivers need to be updated
  • No support exists from the website or online communities
  • The developer’s site no longer carries the scanner

Free Scanner Softwarefor Windows


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