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A free virtual remote control for Roku player

Roku app is a system utility tool that helps you control your Roku player. Once you download the application on your Windows computer, you can easily search for shows, movies, directors, actors, and more. You can also play any channel using the app, just as you would using a handheld device. It looks very similar to apps like Oculus, Sling TV, and MyRadar

While the Roku player does come with a remote controller, people often tend to lose it. The Roku app lets you perform all the functions without a remote. Considering that the app has been officially released by Roku, users don’t need to worry about compatibility issues. The only requirement is that the Roku device and Windows computer are connected to the same network. 

What is Roku, and how does it work?

Manufactured by Roku Inc., Roku Player is a media player that lets users watch online content on their TV screens. It provides access to over-the-top (OTT) services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, among others. The Roku Windows app is a replacement for the physical remote that lets users control their Roku player. With its help, users can perform all the functions that they would otherwise perform using the remote. 

Developed by the same company, the Roku app lets you control your Roku player or TV so that you can watch Roku channels and other online content. Connecting the app with the player is simple - all you have to do is connect your Roku player and your Windows device to the same Wi-Fi network

In case you’re unable to connect or find the Roku player or TV, you may need to perform a few troubleshooting steps. The easiest one is to disconnect both devices from the network and reconnect. Doing this will help wake up the Roku player, making it easier for it to recognize the Windows app. Once that’s done, you can click on the ‘Try Again’ button. If that doesn’t work as well, you can connect with Roku’s customer support team.

What are the features of the Roku app?

Roku Player gives users access to over three thousand channels and several streaming websites. With the help of the Roku app, you can watch any of these while enjoying several additional features that enhance the viewing experience. The first time you launch the application, you may see it as just a replacement for the physical remote controls. But, it’s not just that, it’s a lot more!

For starters, the Roku streaming application has a user-friendly interface that lets you search for content and explore several options similar to your query. It makes it easier for users to check different options and read the synopsis on their desktops. In addition to this, you can play any show or movie by clicking on the Play icon available on the app. Roku app also lets you browse, rate, and add preferred channels to your collection. 

Another added functionality of the Roku app is that it works on multiple devices. That means, if you have more than one Roku player in your house, you can control all of them using a single application. The Roku app makes things easier by letting users name different players or TVs and switch between them quickly. 

Does the Roku app have a simple interface?

One of the best things about downloading Roku is that it features a clean and simple interface. To use the application, log in to your account, connect your Windows to the same network as the Roku player, and get started. Once that’s done, you can easily use the app to search, add, rate, and play content directly from your Windows device. 

Which channels are free on Roku?

Various channels are for free on the Roku Player. Some of these channels include Roku’s original channel, Tubi, XUMO, Newsy Channel, Crackle, and more. Apart from this, there are several other channels that you can watch without paying anything. 

Is the Roku app free?

The Roku app for Windows is free to download and use. It is also available on Android and iOS devices Both the mobile apps offer additional features like headphone listening, voice commands, channel search, and more. While the app is free, it’s worth mentioning that most of the streaming sites and channels that you encounter on the Roku player will require a paid subscription or a one-time payment

Is Roku better than Firestick?

Both Roku and Firestick are popular streaming devices that offer a wide variety of content, but there are some key differences between the two. Here is a comparison of Roku and Firestick to help you decide which one is right for you:

Hardware and design

Roku and Firestick both come in a variety of sizes and price points. The Roku Express is the most affordable option, while the Roku Ultra is the most powerful. Firestick devices are also available in a variety of sizes and price points, with the Fire TV Stick Lite being the most affordable option and the Fire TV Stick 4K Max being the most powerful.

In terms of design, Roku devices have a sleek and minimalist design, while Firestick devices have a more traditional TV remote design.

Software and user interface

Both Roku and Firestick have user-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate. However, Roku's interface is generally considered to be more intuitive and user-friendly than Firestick's interface.

Roku devices also have access to a wider variety of apps and channels than Firestick devices. This is because Roku has an open platform, while Amazon has a more closed platform.


Both Roku and Firestick devices offer good performance for streaming video. However, Roku devices are generally considered to be more powerful than Firestick devices, especially when it comes to streaming 4K content.


Roku and Firestick devices are both competitively priced. The Roku Express is the most affordable option, while the Roku Ultra is the most expensive. Firestick devices are also available in a variety of price points, with the Fire TV Stick Lite being the most affordable option and the Fire TV Stick 4K Max being the most expensive.

Roku and Firestick are both great streaming devices that offer a wide variety of content and features. However, Roku is generally considered to be the better option due to its more intuitive interface, wider variety of apps and channels, and better performance.

Our take

The Roku app is a user-friendly application that lets you control multiple Roku players effortlessly. Designed for Windows, the app is easy to connect and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Anyone can install the program on their Windows device and start searching and playing content on their Roku TV or player instantly. It’s also a great alternative to the physical Roku remote

Should you download it?

If you’ve lost your Roku player remote and are looking for an application that lets you control the corresponding player or TV, download the Roku app. It lets you search and play content, rate channels that you find on the store, and read the synopsis in detail. In case you’re unable to connect the Roku app to the player, you can connect with the support team and get detailed troubleshooting information. 


  • Compatible with Roku players and TVs
  • It lets users perform all functions
  • Provides various additional features
  • Easy to use


  • Occasional crashes

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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