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SideQuest is a free third-party virtual reality gaming utility. It lets you browse, install, and sideload games onto your Oculus Quest VR headset. You also get access to more content than on the official store, such as custom options and pre-release builds, and several extra options such as TV streaming and music.

More available options

SideQuest gives game developers an alternative platform for posting their apps and games. You'll often find alpha and beta game versions, extra features, and even full titles that the Oculus Store refused. 

It's a live platform, continually getting new apps, games, and updates. It resembles, with a developer publishing software and apps and players providing feedback.

When you download an app through SideQuest, you'll launch it through sideloading, a method of loading VR content from officially unapproved sites. While it might sound dubious, it's beneficial for users and developers, especially for testing new software. 

The installation procedure

The process of setting up SideQuest on your Windows or Mac PC is a bit complex. Once you download the program, you'll enable Developer Mode on your account through the Oculus website. 

You create an organization on the site and install the necessary drivers for your headset before rebooting your device and connecting it to your PC via a USB cable

After that, you'll have to allow USB debugging. You'll see a green dot and your headset name on the top left of the program once it's all set. 

Extra features

Apart from sideloading games, there are other uses to SideQuest. For example, you can enable TV screencasting and streaming, access a library of Android 2D games, and a few additional settings. One of them is BeatOn, providing you with a library of user-created songs and mods for Beat Saber.

Our take

This third-party app works seamlessly with Oculus devices. It makes sideloading seamless, gets you early access to content, and sprinkles some extra features on top, making it an exciting option for any VR user.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you own a headset and want to explore your options further. It provides you with plenty of exciting programs to expand your VR experience.


  • User-friendly interface
  • More content than the Oculus store
  • Enables TV screencasting
  • Compatible with two Oculus VR devices


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