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The affordable way to have cable

Sling TV lets you access television from your Windows device and gives people instant access to their favorite channels.

Easy access to an online TV streaming service

Sling TV enables people to pay for contract-free cable that doesn’t break the bank.

For people looking for an alternative to cable, Sling TV offers a more affordable way to access a wide range of television channels. With customizable plans, the program offers individuals the choice of how many networks they want. This allows them to have control over what you are paying for.

A great option for anyone without a television or constant access to one. Their packages do not come with a contract, so if you aren’t happy with your service, you can cancel at anytime without paying a disconnect or early termination fee.

Viewers can enjoy easy streaming with great picture quality without the interruption of buffering or freeze frames. With the bonus of being able to watch your programs from up to three separate devices, and having that level of flexibility is pretty great.

An issue that people face is that some regions this application doesn’t have local television networks, such as the public broadcasting station for the state you are in, and the local news. Another feature that isn’t included is a DVR function. For those who want to record their programs, an extra fee needs to be paid, but you can fast-forward through commercials.

Earlier the topic of bundles was briefly touched on, and they range from 25-40 bucks, but the basic plan only gives you about 30 channels. The most expensive one gives you more options, but you still have to sit through commercials. In some areas you may have to pair this service with an antenna to pick up local stations, which forces you to buy extra equipment.

Where can you run this program?

Sling TV is available on devices that have Windows 10.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Hulu offers a blend of live television as well as movies and series. This provides a more rounded service without the need for various apps and accounts.

Our take

Television lovers will like the low-cost packages and channel options, but it’s limited channels, bundling requirements, and commercials mean this program might not be for you.

Should you download it?

No. There are television streaming services available with a wider range of plans with access to more channels.


  • Customizable plans
  • Great picture quality
  • No contract


  • No DVR function
  • Local channels are limited
  • You have to buy a bundle

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Sling TVfor Windows


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