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An excellent weather tracking application for Windows

MyRadar is a reliable, comprehensive, and useful weather application for Windows PCs. With precision and accuracy, the program takes guesswork out of the equation, and lets you be informed about various aspects of the weather. The comprehensive yet easy-to-use application delivers real-time data to your device. With this app, you can view weather patterns, regional maps, temperature data, etc. The program also comes with advanced features like storm tracking, NOAA alerts, and more.

Regional maps, accurate weather forecast, and more

MyRadar download comes with various customization options. It packs critical information and features to deliver real-time data. There’s a worldwide map, which displays the animated weather radar, and shows patterns for snow, rain, sun, etc. While the program is free to use, there’s a premium version with more features and content. For casual users, the free version will be sufficient to get timely updates about the weather.

Is MyRadar easy to use?

MyRadar weather forecast app can feel overwhelming. But once you get a hang of the interface, the software is hassle-free. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice the icon bar, which works as an information hub for various categories. You can open a map, select a target area, and click on the arrow button to get precise information about various aspects of weather in the region.

The weather tracking application comes with a magnifying glass, which you can use to search for a specific point in a world map. The cross icon instantly takes you to the current location. The program features multiple map types, which you can select from the second button in the menu bar. You can even toggle between ‘Globe’ and ‘Flat’ views of the Earth. While similar learning tools like Stellarium and Google Earth Pro have a simple interface, MyRadar takes a different approach and bundles numerous features into a single package.

How to use MyRadar?

MyRadar comes with three primary maps, i.e., Aerial, Roads, and Gray. While the ‘Gray’ map has a basic design, the other two deliver extensive views of the terrain. If you want to access detailed aviation charts, you’ll have to purchase the Pro version. This will also get rid of disruptive advertisements. The aviation charts let you track flight plans and view SIGMETs and AIRMETs. From the maps tab, you can even explore Mars.

The powerful weather application has a dedicated layers menu, which lets you customize the user experience. For instance, you can click on an image at the top of the screen to shuffle between ‘Per Station’, ‘Temp Map’, ‘Hi Def’, and ‘Classic’. Each active layer comes with a different design, focusing on multiple aspects of the terrain, weather, etc.

In this weather tracking application, you can add a wide range of tiers to the map. These include ‘Warnings and Watches’, ‘Earthquakes’, ‘Wildfires’, ‘Temperatures’, etc. You just click on a title to dig deeper into the settings section. If you turn on the button to the right, the app places a specific layer on the map.

While the free version of MyRadar download is sufficient to track severe weather, you’ll need the paid version for detailed monitoring of natural disasters. These may include tropical storms, hurricanes, etc. With layers on the map, you can even watch violent storms during the hurricane season. The application gives you options for ‘Hurricane Tracker’, ‘Radar’, ‘Clouds’, and ‘Winds’.

MyRadar is a pretty comprehensive weather forecast app. It gives accurate and precise information about weather conditions in different areas around the world. Additionally, the application lets you monitor the maps for tornados, storms, hurricanes, etc. The program receives regular updates for both the paid and free versions. On the official website, you can check out important information around privacy policy, data protection, and ad preferences.

Our take

MyRadar is one of the most powerful, accurate, and precise weather tracking applications for Windows computers. The all-in-one suite comes with multiple features, accurate tracking data, and notifications about different aspects of weather cycles. With such a strong program, you’ll find it difficult to choose an alternative.

Should you download it?

MyRadar download offers a range of features to give you detailed information. Whether you’re looking for a snapshot of your specific region or want to gather data about a different country’s weather, this app won’t disappoint. Most importantly, the application is user-friendly and doesn’t need a steep learning curve. 


  • Offers cross-platform synchronization
  • Receives regular updates
  • Supports real-time tracking
  • Comes with multiple features


  • Displays ads
  • Comes with a complicated interface

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MyRadarfor Windows

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