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Rixx - Search and find jobs

Rixx is a powerful Android app created by Francisco Camilo Serna that makes finding a job simpler. This tool helps you search quickly for jobs and create a great resume. Rixx is easy to use and packed with features that make it a great tool for anyone looking for work.

Best Rixx features

Rixx has several key features that make it stand out for job seekers. Here’s what makes Rixx so useful:

  • Search for Jobs:
    • Responsive Companies: Easily find companies known for actively engaging with applicants.
    • Fast Keyword Search: Quickly look up opportunities based on job title, location, company name, salary expectations, and more.
    • Advanced Filters: Narrow down your search with filters such as relevance, date posted, expected salary, and recruiter responsiveness.
    • Detailed Exploration: Delve deeper into available positions by exploring industry-specific, function-related, and level-specific listings.
  • Create a Great Resume:
    • Effortless Creation: Design a compelling resume in minutes using Rixx’s user-friendly interface.
    • Step-by-Step Guidance: Build your resume through a guided five-step process, with options to add more accomplishments as your career progresses.
    • Convenient Sharing and Downloading: Directly email your resume from the app or download it as a PDF for other applications.
    • Dynamic Updates: Easily update your resume on-the-go to keep it current and ready for new opportunities.


Rixx helps you find jobs and also helps you apply to them by helping you create a strong resume.

Alternative to LinkedIn

While LinkedIn remains a giant in the professional networking space, Rixx offers a streamlined, focused approach that resonates with those seeking direct job application tools rather than broader networking features. Unlike LinkedIn’s broader social features, Rixx provides a more targeted experience with:

  • Simple Interface: Rixx has a clear and straightforward design that makes it easy to use, unlike LinkedIn, which can be a bit overwhelming.
  • Efficient Job Searching: Rixx is built for fast searches and getting good job matches quickly, focusing more on quality than the number of connections.
  • Tailored Job Alerts: Get notifications that match your career goals and skills, directly linked to real job openings.

Rixx is a great option for those who want a focused tool to help with their job search. It works well on its own or alongside LinkedIn, especially for those who prefer a straightforward, efficient approach to finding jobs.


  • Search and find jobs


  • Much smaller than LinkedIn

Program available in other languages

Rixxfor Android

Varies with device

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