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Product Key Finder - Even works on non-booting computers

KeyFinder Plus is a powerful tool designed to find and save product keys from installed software like Windows, Office, and other major programs. It ensures that your product keys are secure and retrievable, even if you are upgrading your system or needing computer repair. This program works on Windows computers.

Key features of this software

KeyFinder Plus is easy to use and packed with features that make it a must-have for managing software licenses:

  • Simple Interface: The program is easy to navigate, making it user-friendly for people who aren't tech-savvy.
  • Supports Many Products: KeyFinder Plus works with a wide range of software, including:
    • All Microsoft Office versions from 2000 to 2016.
    • Windows versions from XP to 10, including server editions.
    • Older and newer versions of Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server.
    • Adobe products like Acrobat, Creative Suite, and Photoshop.
  • Finds Keys in Many Places: It can find product keys from:
    • Computers that won't start up.
    • External drives and secondary hard drives.
    • Computers on your network.
  • Gets Keys from BIOS: It can also find the Windows product keys that are stored in the computer’s BIOS or firmware.
  • Backup Option: You can back up your product keys to a file, which helps when you need them for computer repairs or upgrades.
  • Free Updates: The software regularly updates to support new versions of software and operating systems.

Works on non-botting PCs too

KeyFinder Plus is also helpful when your computer won't start:

  • Direct Recovery from Crashed Systems: KeyFinder Plus can recover product keys using the 'From non-booting system' option by connecting a non-booting or crashed hard drive to a functioning computer.
  • Rescue CD Option: The software recommends using the "PCUnlocker Live CD for completely unresponsive systems." This tool enables users to boot locked or unresponsive computers and efficiently recover lost product keys.

Whether you're an IT professional managing multiple installations or a single user concerned about keeping your software licenses in check, KeyFinder Plus provides the tools necessary to ensure that your product keys are never lost or inaccessible. With its comprehensive set of features and easy-to-use interface, it's clear why KeyFinder Plus is considered an essential tool for modern digital management.


  • Works on non-booting computers
  • Clean interface with fast results
  • Supports Adobe products


  • Requires payment after the free trial

Program available in other languages

Product Key Finderfor Windows


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