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Free Christmas video maker

ElfYourself is a free application that lets you create personalized videos using pictures of your face. The app has a few free dances for you to access but requires a purchase or subscription for a more extensive selection. Stick your face on a dancing elf and send the video to your friends and family within minutes.

Create amazing videos

Creating funny videos to share with your friends and family members at Christmas time is always a great idea. ElfYourself lets you do this by pasting a picture of your face into a pre-made video. Within moments, you’ll dance around your screen comically dressed as an elf.


Subscribing to the application’s season pass is the easiest way to access every video option. You can use these new videos to dance with up to four other people and share the video as a digital Christmas card. The subscription is an annual fee that auto-renews unless you disable the feature in user-settings.

Individual purchases

If you don’t want to purchase the subscription, you can buy each dance video individually. This option is a great way to save money by selecting only the ones you want to use. Each year, there are new dances and features that enhance the holiday spirit in every video.

Augmented reality at your fingertips

ElfYourself has a large selection of videos to choose from but also provides an AR feature. This feature brings the elves to life within your screen, letting you dance with them for a different movie style. You can save and share the moments you make with friends, family, or a social media website.

Free dances

ElfYourself is a free application, and while it requires either a subscription or individual purchases, you can use it without spending money. The app offers a new selection of videos that you can use for free every day. Adding on a message with these movies makes for a fun memory to share with others.

Our take

ElfYourself has a yearly subscription option that gives you access to all the available content. There are similar alternatives to this application, such as Valentine Yourself and REFACE, which also let you paste your face in pictures, GIFs, or videos. All you need to start is a picture of your head.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you’re looking for a good time over the festive season.


  • Create daily free videos
  • Share the fun with friends
  • Includes augmented reality


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