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Free PDF Reader from Free PDF Solutions is an answer to Adobe and other competitors with similar apps. The service allows you to open any PDF Document for free without needing an Adobe account. However, the product may not stack up to the competition.


The primary feature of this software is to open a PDF document. Traditionally, the primary way to open a PDF requires the user to download the file and open it in a special software such as Adobe Acrobat. This program accomplishes the same task without the need to create an account on Adobe, Foxit, or Google.


However, this program only opens PDF files. The program doesn’t allow for the creation, editing, or signing of PDF files. The program is extremely simplistic in nature, designed to serve a single purpose that a web browser or even Google Doc could just as easily do as well.


There are thousands of applications that can open PDF files, and the majority do so for free. For example, the most well-known is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free program that allows you to open, sign, and annotate PDFs. Acrobat Pro, the paid version of Acrobat Reader, allows for the creation, conversion, editing, and securing of PDFs. Another example is Google Docs, which allows you to edit PDF files that have been uploaded to the online program as easily as any other document.

Our take

When compared to the competition, this PDF reader simply doesn’t match up. The capabilities of the software are far too limited by only being able to open PDF files. Adobe and Google both provide alternative software to assist users, and they do it better. Almost any web browser has the capacity to open PDF files in a browser tab.

Should you download it?

No. There are better free alternatives to downloading this app to your computer.


  • Free app
  • Opens PDFs without Adobe


  • Overly Simplistic
  • Doesn’t allow edits
  • No signing or annotating documents.

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Free PDF readerfor Windows


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