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PDF Reader is a free mobile application for your Android device that provides features for viewing documents. The app can only read PDF files but also has the optional function of narrating the contents. Additionally, you can quickly share documents from within PDF Reader with links to documents.

Read PDFs on the go

A great benefit provided by PDF Reader is the ability to view files from anywhere without needing to turn on a computer. This handy tool allows you to work on the go or review projects before sending them to colleagues. 

The APK also allows you to back up your PDF files, keeping them safe in case you accidentally delete them. This feature, however, isn't automatic and will require you to initiate a backup manually.

Listen to your files

While reading PDFs is the conventional method, the application has a narration feature that reads your document out loud. This feature is ideal for any ebooks on your phone since it can quickly convert them into audiobooks that you can listen to. However, the narrator's voice is robotic and may easily mispronounce a word or phrase.

Quick sharing

Using PDF Reader is an easy way to obtain links to a document that you can quickly share with colleagues, friends, or clients. The app allows you to send and share the files with ease while being away from a computer or laptop. Also, you can share files via emails with attachments if that method works better.

VPN enabled

Aside from viewing and listening to PDF files, the application allows you to activate a VPN on your mobile device. The option to turn this feature off is in the settings menu.

Our take

Overall, PDF Reader is an excellent application if you dislike the popular alternative of Google Drive, Google's PDF and document reading app. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is another popular download that's similar and helps your view or edit PDF files. PDF Reader is one of the best PDF reading tools available for your Android device.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you don't already have a tool for reading PDF files and need one, this application is an excellent choice.


  • Free
  • Includes VPN function
  • Narrates files
  • Share files with others


  • Requires Wi-Fi connection

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

PDF Reader Proxyfor Android

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