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PC Screen Capture is a free Windows screenshot tool where you can snip what’s on the screen and save it in different formats. While rather basic compared to other similar apps, it’s easy to use and provides basic functions. You don’t need to install it and can use it from a USB flash drive.

What is PC Screen Capture?

When you’re looking to take a screenshot on your Windows device, it’s easy to press the PrintScreen button. However, you then have to open a different program to save it. With PC Screen Capture, the program will take the snip and save it for you.

Top features of PC Screen Capture

PC Screen Capture doesn’t merely capture your screen. You can also look forward to these other features:

  • Capture the window, game bar, or selected area
  • Capture objects, toolbars, and menus
  • Run straight from a USB without needing to install
  • Supports the latest and previous operating systems
  • Lightweight design to save you storage space
  • Can be used on Windows servers

Choose your format

Unlike the default Windows snipping tools, you can decide in which format you want to save the screenshot such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. You can then share the screenshot on any social media platform you desire.

How does PC Screen Capture compare?

When it comes to some of the top screenshot software programs, you’ll see the likes of Snipping Tool ++, LightShot, and GeForce Experience. Of course, GeForce is reserved for serious gamers or high-end graphics cards, but you can also use it to record videos with advanced features. While PC Screen Capture performs better than Snipping Tool, LightShot has a few extra features, such as sharing an online link.

Our take

PC Screen Capture has basic functionality, and if you’re running an Nvidia graphics card with GeForce, you don’t really need it. Its main appeal is that it can run on old operating systems and from a USB drive. Sure, there are some other features to play with, but nothing worth getting too excited about.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking for a lightweight snipping tool for your USB. Otherwise, there are better options on the market.


  • Runs from a USB
  • Easy to use
  • Clean interface
  • Save in multiple formats


  • Basic functions
  • Better free options

PC Screen Capturefor Windows


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