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Stay alert on what's going on in your neighborhood

Nextdoor is a social media platform for local neighborhoods thanks to its method of verifying accounts. The app lets you create classified ads that only the people living within your area can see. It also allows the local community to create news updates and urgent alerts.

Community online social hub

Next Door creates a safe online environment for neighbors than another social media app.

The premise of Next Door is its private online platform where only verified accounts are allowed. In order to create an account, you need to enter your physical address and go through one of two verification process. You can have someone from Next Door call your landline number or have a postcard sent to you that contains a verification code.

The social media site's verification methods ensure that only those living within your neighborhood can create an account and connect with you. This drastically lessens the chances of a stranger living outside of the country stalking your profile. 

Classified ads

Are you looking for someone to babysit your children for the weekend? Thinking of selling a box of cupcakes to your neighbors? The Next Door app has your back by giving you a number of services in your neighborhood. It also lets you buy and sell any items with people in your area.

Crime and urgent alerts

The best use of the Next Door app is to create urgent alerts happening in your neighborhood. This can be thefts, missing pets, or trespassers. Local authorities connected to the app can receive the alerts directly and respond to it accordingly. Some people may have an issue with providing their physical address or phone number to sign up to the app. While the app lets you hide a portion of your address, the street name of your home will still appear on your profile.

Where can you run this program?

The Next Door app can run on Android devices with Android 5.0 and up. You can also find an iOS version that runs on devices with iOS 11 or better.

Is there a better alternative?

Facebook Group is a good alternative to Nextdoor. An admin within your neighborhood can invite and allow in people who live within your neighborhood only. This is also where you can buy and sell items, find various services, and share news alert.

Our take

The verification process of the app fulfills the platform's promise of creating a gated community for you and your neighbors only. Next Door platform also provides many functions of popular social media apps like Twitter. You can identify who your neighbors are, barter with them, or enjoy their services if anyone offers it.

Should you download it?

Yes, Next Door App lets you join an exclusive online group for your neighbors only.


  • Private neighborhood network
  • Crime and safety notifications
  • Local work opportunity
  • Local classified adds
  • Neighbor introductions


  • Requires physical address

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