Paint 3Dfor Windows



Let your paintbrush, pencil or sponge take over in this 3D version of Microsoft’s classic Paint program.

Classic Paint layout, new tools

Unleash your creative side with Paint 3D. A solution to all your artistic needs.

Explore creativity in 2D or 3D with this new and improved software from Microsoft. Let your imagination run wild in another dimension and view your artwork from all angles.

Use brand-new features such as digital canvases, scene effects, and stickers. Apply the 3D doodle effect to your drawing and watch it come to life. You can even add some realistic textures and scenery to your art, all of which come with high-resolution.

The software focuses on using styluses, and digital pens, and the attention-to-detail is incredible. Switch between various types of paintbrushes to get the perfect stroke. Using Paint 3D on a tablet functions well because it interacts flawlessly with a stylus or pen. This can be slightly frustrating for non-tablet artists, but the software adapts well to any device.

Create 2D cutouts of your drawings and use them as stickers. Add them into your work or export them and share your creations with others. It’s a great way to make personalized stickers and graphics without using complicated software.

Join the buzzing community of Remix3D and proudly share your work with other artists. Engage with other art pieces by posting a comment or getting in touch with the artists themselves. You can even make a video of how you created your piece and export it to Remix3D. Share your tips and tricks and learn from others.

Some have criticized Paint 3D for being too complicated, but it stays very true to its roots. The new features are elaborate but don’t require much prior knowledge. Overall, the interface is friendly, and Paint fans won’t be disappointed.

Where can you run this program?

Pain 3D is available for Windows 10 and later.

Is there a better alternative?

No. It is free but doesn’t skip out on the quality. If you want more advanced digital graphics, try ArtRage.

Our take

Paint 3D is an impressive drawing tool and art software. It’s perfect for both lighthearted fun, and for the budding artist to experiment without buying art gear. The 3D tools add more complexity and realism, and everything functions well.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s fun to use and play around with even if you aren’t much of an artist.

Paint 3Dfor Windows


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