Overwolffor Windows


Play and socialize at the same time

Overwolf is a software program designed to help gamers shift between their games and other websites or 'real-world' interactions, without exiting the game.

Manipulate your games to play them your way

Overwolf is an overlay program designed for gamers. It allows you to create extensions for your favorite games, or enjoy other developers’ extensions.

Overwolf provides its users with the chance to create widgets so they can use other sites without completely neglecting their game.

The software comes with its own dedicated AppStore. You browse through extensions made by other developers and choose the ones that you want to use. You can also create an extension or suggest one that you would like to see by contacting Overwolf, who work entirely based on user feedback.

With Overwolf you can merge your gaming life with your social life, by using widgets for Facebook, YouTube and more. This allows you to immerse yourself into your game but keep on top of messages and social happenings at the same time.

Overwolf makes it easy for you to create overlay programs on their own base. Many competitive games block any foreign extensions on their coding because it can lead to cheating. However, the program doesn’t interact with a native game script, because the programs are designed on their own software.

You share gameplay footage with your friends and family or even other gamers. One of its features is a screenshot functionally and permission to record gameplay. This works with an external extension that can be added on to your game and opened at any time.

Where can you run this program?

This program can only be run on Windows. There are no versions available for macOS or Android tablets.

Is there a better alternative?

Overwolf is definitely better than any alternatives. It’s easy-to-use and is developed by dedicated gamers, for gamers. However, you can also give Evolve a try if you want to socialise with other gamers without exiting your game.

Our take

Overwolf is a promising software that enables you to customise your gameplay as you want. It offers unique overlay programs and the AppStore is constantly thriving with new extensions.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you are an avid gamer. You can develop an extension, browse the AppStore for new programs or create game footage. This makes it the perfect software for hardcore gamers.


  • Own AppStore
  • Users can create their own extensions
  • Constant updates
  • Work with major game developers


  • Only available on Microsoft Windows
  • Can slow the performance of your device
  • Initial settings are complicated

Overwolffor Windows

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