npm installfor Windows



Useful utility

Npm-install is a package manager that will download all dependent modules and any JavaScript package. This is a useful tool for any programmer.

Useful but limited algorithm

Npm-install is a package manager for the JavaScript platform that installs packages and their dependencies.

Npm-install is a command utility and tool for JavaScript, with the primary purpose is to download and install packages and their many dependencies. The software is mainly of use for developers, and anyone interested in coding. You can easily use command lines to target the correct folder you wish to install.

As this is a utility for programmers, you’re able to use it to write your own node program. The application is a useful tool for doing this, and once you’ve written the code you can then use a command line to install your package.

Whenever you select an item to install, all of the dependencies will automatically download simultaneously. However, the application’s algorithm may provide a few hiccups while you write nodes or download packages. This is common when installing packages with identical names.

Where can you run this program?

Npm-install is available for computers running Windows 10.

Is there a better alternative?

No, npm-install is one of the best ways to install your packages. However, it’s algorithm is limited, and you may consider alternatives such as Gulp or Yam.

Our take

Npm-install is a great way to ensure that you download all dependencies of a package or if you want to write a node-based program.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want an easy way to download and install packages, then this is a great application.


  • Installs packages and their dependencies
  • Enables writing node programs
  • Installs all modules listed as dependencies


  • Algorithm has limitations

npm installfor Windows


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