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Manage Verizon account on the go

My Verizon is a companion app to your Verizon subscription that lets you take full control and monitor your account. Other functions of the software allow you to reach technical or customer support with ease and much more.

Account management

My Verizon lets you manage your subscription with the company’s services straight from your phone.

You can check on how much your upcoming bill will be for next month with the app. My Verizon also tells you how much data you still have on your account.

Another useful feature of My Verizon is the option to switch your plan or subscription. You can essentially switch from the Go Unlimited plan to the Above Unlimited or Beyond Unlimited on your phone. No more having to wait for customer support to assist you in changing your subscription.

Apart from that, the Verizon software does not just tell you how much your total bill will be for the current month. It can also give you a breakdown of how it came up with the total. You can see what you are paying for in order to fully control next month’s bill. In addition to seeing a breakdown of your bill, My Verizon lets you pay for the current’s month charges through the app. These latter features are a plus when it comings to giving more control to the mobile user. 

The Verizon software also has a rewards program that provides loyal subscribers with discounts or vouchers. Most of these are for popular brands and companies such as Amazon. Other features of the app include on-demand support for your subscription. If your network is on the fritz or you need to correct a problem with your account, My Verizon connects you with technical or customer support staff to help fix most issues.

Where can you run this program?

My Verizon can work on most Android phones, tablets, and other devices. An iOS version is also available for Apple devices that have the 10.0 OS version or better.

Is there a better alternative?

My Verizon is the only app that lets you control or monitor your Verizon subscription. One alternative is with an AT&T account and My AT&T. The app also gives you a breakdown of your monthly bill and data usage. In addition. My AT&T lets you AutoPay for your bills.

Our take

My Verizon does its job by letting you manage your account and check on your bills through your phone. This function lets you find and fix any anomalies on your subscription each month.  The only shortcoming you may have with the app is the lackluster reward listings, which appear to be generic as far as offers go.

Should you download it?

Yes, My Verizon gives you full control over your Verizon subscription through your phone. 


  • Account details in one page
  • Plan management
  • Electronic bill
  • Direct support


  • Limited reward plans
  • Lacks final billing
  • Incompatible with legacy plans

Program available in other languages

My Verizonfor Android


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