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Every fantasy adventure begins and ends with blacksmiths. This game puts you in the shoes of blacksmiths who forged legendary weapons for legendary warriors.

Stoke the fires and forge breath-taking equipment

Now is your time to build weapons for the many wanderers and adventures as they ready themselves to embark upon epic journeys

A good fantasy story contains more than heroes and villains. It is seldom that the spotlight falls on the blacksmith, the forger of great weapons like Excalibur. My Little Blacksmith Shop places you in charge of leading a blacksmith shop and creating the next Master Sword.

To craft a weapon, you must place the right amount of materials into the oven, and then attach it to the appropriate handle. When you are not working for the world’s most impatient customers, the game encourages you to explore the areas outside your shop.

The simple graphics add a retro RPG charm. You will feel as if you're making weapons for a Final Fantasy party. The fun game physics creates some unusual but amusing situations.

The biggest problem players face is the waiting and head-scratching you’ll do, wondering why the customer won’t take the forged item. To find a solution you’ll have to dig through the game’s wiki and various forums.

Grinding for materials will also take up a good chunk of your time. If you are not buying materials from the village’s various merchants, you’ll spend the day mining for them.

Where can you run this program?

This title is installable on Windows 7 and above. Additionally, you’ll require at least 8 GB of RAM, so you’ll need a 64-bit version of Windows to run it.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. The constant grinding makes blacksmithing in this title unenjoyable. Overcooked, another game in which you manage a small business, is much more charming and entertaining than this one.

Our take

My Little Blacksmith Shop gives you a different perspective on the fantasy genre. There is never a dull moment in-game because customers will always have various projects for you to work on. The simple graphics add a retro feel overall.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy games with a heavy crafting and gathering mechanic like ARK and Minecraft, then you should download this program.

My Little Blacksmith Shopfor Windows


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