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Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a free mobile gaming app that produces real money. The MPL app is based in India, much like many of its competitors. It’s designed to provide the widest league options possible to its player base.


MPL features a multitude of games and fantasy sports that can be bet on. By downloading the app, you can play for cash even without spending money. The various available games include skill-based games where you can play tournaments to earn money. Other options are fantasy sports and e-sports.

Unlike conventional betting platforms, MPL’s fantasy sports program is free to use and earns you money when you win. E-sports are a major part of the sports layout on MPL, with weekly arenas with prize pools of upwards of ₹40 Lakhs.


The only real drawback to MPL is that it’s not unique compared to competitors. However, the competition shares this drawback as well. A complaint could be the fact that the app is only available in India or Indonesia, especially if you wish to play while abroad. All games require motor skills or some sort of tactical wit to win. While not strictly a negative, this requirement can be a turn-off to the more casual crowd.


MPL’s competition includes other premier league-style apps, like WinZO and Paytm. All of these platforms are safe, and similar in functionality, making it a close choice between the three. All of them are only available in India as well. If there are exclusive games you prefer on any one of these free-to-play platforms, then your decision is probably already made for you.

Our take

MPL is a platform for skill-based gameplay that rewards you with real cash prizes for winning a variety of games. The skill floor can be high, depending on the game you choose, but the rewards match the skill they require.

Should you download it?

Yes. If there are games you want to play on this app, you should go for it.


  • Rewards skilled players
  • Safe to use
  • Instant withdrawals


  • High skill required to earn substantial amounts
  • Potential for loss
  • Only available in India

Program available in other languages

MPL - Mobile Premier Leaguefor Android


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