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Adventure in your pocket

Terraria is a popular sandbox survival game with a systematic progression rate. You’ll need to defeat bosses to gain more loot and build a bigger, fancier house.

Building is key

Take your world with you wherever you go; play Terraria on your android device. Adventure is just a tap away.

While it’s a lighter and ported version of the computer edition, Terraria for Android is the perfect way to get your digging dose when out on the town. Meeting up with your friends to play a bit of survival has never been easier; all you need to do is be playing on the same WiFi connection.

Since this is a port, it leaves the game feeling a bit odd. The controls take time to adapt to, and you’ll need to learn quickly or you won’t be able to dodge an attack. The limited view distance makes attacks hard to predict. These are a couple of the shortcomings of the mobile version.

However, Terraria makes up for this with its exclusive content for mobile devices. This includes weapons, enemies, armor, and pets. But the real, exclusive content is the seasonal events that occur only at certain times of the year, like the Chinese Lunar Festival, which triggers an in-game event.

This pocket version of a 2D dungeon-crawler gives you the freedom to play, dig, fight, and most of all, build. Release the architect within and go wild as you build enormous archways and terrifying dungeons. You won’t have to fear hard mode destroying your terrain as it is not available in this edition of the game. Defeating the wall of flesh will only grant you items, no progression.

Where can you run this program?

The mobile version of Terraria runs on the latest Android and Apple mobile devices.

Is there a better alternative?

No, while Terraria does bear resemblances to Minecraft and its Pocket Edition, it offers more content, better battles, and rewards you with a sense of fulfillment thanks to the difference in difficulties.

Our take

Terraria is a great game to play casually or when you’re up for a serious challenge. The seasonal events will keep you coming back for the limited-time rewards. However, some of the controls could use tweaking.

Should you download it?

Yes, Terraria is a must play for any fan of the sandbox or survival genre. You’ll build beautiful homes and battle fierce bosses.


  • Lots of content
  • Build what you desire
  • Unique mobile-only events
  • Play with friends


  • Not as featured as the PC version
  • Controls aren’t fluid
  • Short view distance

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Terrariafor Android


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