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Game management on the go

If you play games on any computer system, then you likely have a Steam account. Every time you log in, Steam requires some form of verification to protect your profile.

Protection made simple

Manage your computer gaming collection on the go with the Steam mobile application. The two-factor authentication keeps your account safe.

Steam is one of the leading gaming platforms available, with their own controllers and operating systems available amongst a variety of other peripherals. The platform boasts well over 30,000 games available with a large selection of free-to-play games that’ll get anyone gaming.

Aside from Dota Underlords, there isn’t much in the mobile market for Steam. Most of the games are only available on PC. However, using the app will save you time whenever you log into your account, sell, or trade items. You’d normally need to accept an email confirmation before these would go through. But using the two-factor authentication system, you’ll be able to manage all this directly through your mobile device.

Chat with your friends even when you’re nowhere near your computer by using the messaging features built into the app. Or communicate with your clan and organize team play dates, party raids and where that new base should get built. Managing your clan has never been so easy.

With this addition to your Android device, you’ll be able to quickly access the Steam store to purchase games and DLC at any time. You’ve even got full access to see which games you play. However, you can’t view these by favorites or any other category you’ve set.

Where can you run this program?

Steam’s mobile companion can be installed on Android and IOS devices.

Is there a better alternative?

No, Steam is one of the leading game distribution platforms available. Competitors such as Epic Games has taken up the challenge of facing Steam, but don’t yet offer a companion app like this one.

Our take

Steam is a great platform for any gamer to use, and keeping your account as safe as possible is an absolute must.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you have a steam account this application will save you time and let you get to sales much faster.


  • Two-factor authenticator
  • Chat with friends and clan members
  • Buy games on the go


  • Too few mobile titles
  • Prevents quick trading and selling
  • Can’t browse your library by category

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Steamfor Android


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