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Powerful free business insight program

Microsoft is a dominant force when it comes to software development and program efficiency. Power BI is a free program that steams ahead of its competitors. Web-based data analytics offers swift analysis, visual data interpretation, and report sharing. Microsoft Power BI empowers team members by discovering insights hidden in your business’ big data.

 Alternatives include QLik Sense, Google Analytics, Oracle Analytics, Statcounter, and Sisense.

Why use Power BI?

There are several reasons for using Microsoft Power BI. The most important being that this free software processes big data like an expert. Microsoft is an industry leader, and trusting them with your data filtering and management services couldn’t be safer. Share reports with global teams and save information in one of the most significant and fastest-developing business intelligence clouds.

System requirements

Power BI is indeed powerful in its application and data processing capabilities. Surprisingly, the application weighs in at 27 MB and will require Android version 5.0 and above to function. It would be best to understand that big processing data can drain processing power from your chipset.

Features of the app

The program integrates seamlessly with your current MS products like Office and Azure. 

They also have 74 data connectors, with more added constantly. These connectors allow MS Power BI to access data packs from various sources.  

Support for the application is in the form of tutorial videos, online forums, and how-to guides. No matter the problem, MS has accounted for it. 

Competitors in the market

In the battle for business data on the web, Google and Oracle are major contenders. They have resources to expend on development and mastery. These paid services offer much of the same outputs as Microsoft’s offering but with differences in the user interface. QLik Sense and SiSense are newcomers and have a robust offering.

Our take

Microsoft is renowned for developing some of the most powerful and functional programs and apps on the planet. The unparalleled support on offer and constant updates make this a long-awaited gift for small business owners that need a cost-effective solution to data interpretation.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely download this business app! It offers a massive amount of value when you select the free option. For users looking for premium features and support, you will find this on offer too. In a world of fast-paced business transactions and lauded experts, finding a program to suit your data processing needs is key to your success. 


  • You can set alerts for data and get instantaneous notifications
  • Track inventory by scanning bar and QR codes for real-time reporting
  • Share reports and data to teams globally for speedy collaboration
  • Fantastic visual tools make presentations a dream
  • User-friendly interface


  • Adding various connectors may inflate the monthly price
  • Pivoting between data preparation and publishing is tedious
  • Data refresh cycles and storage space is limited on the free tier service

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Microsoft Power BIfor Android


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