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Mod Maker for Minecraft PE

Mod Maker for Minecraft PE is a user-friendly tool for making mods for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, without the need for any coding experience or in-depth knowledge.

Minecraft mod making for the smaller screen

Minecraft PE—a version of Minecraft intended for devices like phones and tablets—does not accept mods that are designed for the regular version of the game, so Mod Maker for Minecraft PE allows you to create mods for this edition of the game without any coding knowledge or other expertise that would normally be necessary for creating mods.

Create a range of mods

Using the app, the user can create content for Minecraft PE that covers a wide range of functions. These include things like custom drop items, mobs, recipes, weapons, particles, and more. You can also add your own textures, though the textures are limited to a maximum size of 128x128 pixels.

Our take

Mod Maker for Minecraft PE makes mod creation easy and provides a lot of options regarding the kinds of mods you can make. It is free thanks to the in-app advertisements that are displayed, but those advertisements sometimes block parts of the user interface, making it impossible to use certain functions while the ad is displaying, and there is no option to remove the ads, such as through a paid upgrade.

Should you download it?

If you need to create mods for Minecraft PE, this app is one of the better options available, and it is free. However, user interface problems can make it frustrating to use, and the PE version of Minecraft is no longer in development, having being replaced by the cross-platform Minecraft Bedrock Edition. There are similar games, however, like Roblox.


  • Requires no coding experience or similar expertise
  • Supports custom texture importing
  • Allows for a wide range of mod types


  • Maximum custom texture size of 128x128
  • Requires use of a third-party script to run
  • In-app advertisements can interfere with the user interface

Mod Maker for Minecraft PEfor Android


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