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Microsoft PC Manager - Slightly improve your PC performance

As computers age, they tend to slow down because of all the heavy use, data transfers, and just general wear and tear. To help with this, Microsoft has developed a special tool called Microsoft PC Manager for Windows users. This free program brings together a bunch of useful tools into one easy-to-use application to help keep your computer running smoothly.

What is Microsoft PC Manager?

Microsoft PC Manager is more than just another program to speed up your computer—it's designed by Microsoft, the same company that made Windows. This tool combines different maintenance tools that were previously available only as separate apps into one convenient place. Whether you need to clean up your disk space or check for system errors, PC Manager makes it simple. Since it's still in the beta testing phase, users can try it out and give feedback, helping Microsoft polish it up before its final release.

Key features

Here are some of the key features that Microsoft announced officially:

Boost Your PC

  • Improves your computer's speed by managing tasks and background activities.
  • Frees up memory, which is especially useful for playing games or using big apps.

Manage Your Storage

  • Cleans up old, unneeded files to make more room on your computer.
  • Automatically manages disk space to keep your computer's storage in good shape without you having to do anything.

Pop-Up Management

  • Cuts down on annoying ads and pop-ups from apps.
  • Helps you focus by keeping your screen clear of interruptions.

Health Checkup

  • Quickly finds and fixes problems to keep your computer running well.
  • Scans for and removes viruses and other threats to keep your computer safe.

Toolbox & Mini Toolbar

  • Provides easy access to a collection of Windows tools that help your computer work better.
  • Includes a small toolbar for quick access to important features without cluttering your desktop.

All these features make Microsoft PC Manager a strong choice for anyone looking to keep their PC running efficiently. It's especially good for those who might not be tech-savvy or for anyone who wants a simple, all-in-one tool for regular computer upkeep. As the tool is still being tested, Microsoft is actively improving it, making sure it will meet the needs of users worldwide once it's fully launched.


  • Clean and simple interface
  • Slightly boosts your PC


  • Lacks dark mode
  • Only supports English and Chinese

Program available in other languages

Microsoft PC Managerfor Windows

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