Microsoft Flightfor Windows


This title allows us to live out our childhood dream of being a pilot. Fly a wide variety of planes to different places, with Microsoft’s Flight game.

The sim that takes you from your desk to the cockpit

Different missions will take you to various destinations in the pilot’s seat. Impressive flight simulation game for lovers of anything plane-related.

This easy to play sim is a must for those who have a passion for planes and flying. This game is praised for its hyperrealistic cockpits will leave you feeling like you are piloting the aircraft.

The graphics are detailed and real. When you upgrade to the paid version, you can select from a wider range of aircraft and fly to more destinations.

The free download centers mostly in Hawaii. You get to see detailed landmarks that are easily recognizable, such as the North Shore Cliffs and Diamond Head.

Use your mouse and keyboard to navigate the program’s interface. There is no need for a joystick; although you can use a controller with this program if you map out controls. The game can be downloaded on most machines; there is no need for a high spec PC.

On the paid version, as you improve in the game you get to advance to a new level. You can unlock more content as you progress. Earn extra points for perfect landings and when you fly at night. Test your skill level with aerobatics also earns you more points. Additionally, some planes can be unlocked by purchasing DLCs which gives this title a sort of pay to play feel.

Where can you run this program?

You can run Microsoft Flight game on Windows Vista or a newer operating system.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. The free download limits you to two planes, and you need to stay in Hawaii. For other aviation sims, try downloading Infinite Flight or X-Plane.

Our take

As far as plane simulators go, this one gets an average rating. There are no missions to complete or tasks in the free version; you need to pay to upgrade.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are happy with a simple aviation sim, this is perfect for you. There are limited features, and you may find yourself looking for something more. If you enjoy your experience flying over The Aloha State, then you should consider the full version.

Microsoft Flightfor Windows

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