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Free mobile open-world RPG

MARVEL Future Revolution is a free-action open-world RPG for Android with similar characters, themes, and locations as Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Duel. However, the game has an original storyline not seen before that you can join other players in completing missions. It has a stellar cast from the Marvel universe, and you’ll have access to upgrades and abilities.

Due to the game's top-notch AAA graphics, you can expect high file storage and battery usage. Still, you’ll enjoy playing each quest and unlocking various costumes for your favorite Marvel characters.

A new Marvel storyline

Many of the Marvel comic and movie plots have been rehashed in games, animations, and cartoons on television. MARVEL Future Revolution has done something new, bringing a new epic tale you’ve never seen before. It plays out in an open-world MMO setting, giving you the freedom to join other players while undertaking quests.

Unlock all the characters

As any Marvel fan will tell you, playing one of these titles means collecting every character you can find. MARVEL Future Revolution is no different; it presents an outstanding cast with a full roster. You’ll need to upgrade them and their abilities if you want to save the universe from the Convergence.

Create a Super Hero

Another aspect featured in MARVEL Future Revolution is the ability to create your own Super Hero. You decide which powers you’d like to use, and you can also unlock costumes for your character. There are various combat combinations you can mix until you’re powerful enough to eliminate all your enemies.

Our take

MARVEL Future Revolution is an outstanding action RPG in an open world where you’ll complete missions and collect characters. It’s an intense online game where you can play solo or join others in your quest to save the world. While it’s free to play, there are in-app purchases to buff your hero to the max. You’ll want to acquire characters as quickly as you can before building them up for the ultimate battles.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a fan of the Marvel universe or just enjoy mobile MMORPGs. This game will keep you busy for countless hours.


  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Intense action gameplay
  • Online MMORPG features
  • Create your own hero


  • High on system resource usage

Program available in other languages

MARVEL Future Revolutionfor Android


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