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Malwarebytes is a browser extension for Google Chrome that provides powerful protection from malicious websites and ads.


Malwarebytes functions as an ad blocker extension. Blocking ads helps webpages load faster, saving you time. In addition, Malwarebytes has a variety of security measures that prevent scammers from taking your browser hostage.

Malwarebytes stops lockers, hijackers, and other scare tactics used by tech support scammers. These scammers typically hijack your browser and demand money in exchange for its release. Malwarebytes prevent this from happening when the webpage loads.

It also quickly stops trackers and malware embedded into web services. The browser security extension blocks targeted ads and prevent malware from affecting your computer through your browser by removing it before it can do harm.


Malwarebytes provides relatively effective protection but does not log its actions or makes a record of encountered threats, which is information users might find helpful in managing their own protection. Additionally, the service often reports false positives on commercial websites.

These false positives typically occur with either news or commercial websites, such as Gamespot. There is a whitelist feature but it does not always function as it should. Alongside this, the website will often block you from accessing websites with highly political views by marking them as clickbait.


The market for security browser extension apps is a saturated market. Trafficlight and Microsoft Defender Browser Protection stand out as examples of well-known contenders.

Microsoft Defender Browser Protection is a browser security extension developed by Microsoft. This browser protector detects the website you’re attempting to access, checking it against a list of harmful or otherwise dangerous webpages. However, this list is limited and the extension does not protect against other sources of malware.

Trafficlight is a powerful browser security extension that offers real-time protection with precision. Much like Microsoft Defender, Trafficlight scans websites and URLs for harmful activity. Trafficlight does not block entire websites, only if certain pages are harmful similarly to Microsoft Defender Browser Protection.

Our take

Malwarebytes is a browser security extension based on protecting your browsing experience. The browser extension is powerful and serves a multi-purpose role.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you can look past the flaws, it’s a solid security extension.


  • Blocks tracking
  • Prevents tech support scams
  • Blocks system from malware


  • Unpolished
  • Reports false positives

Program available in other languages

Malwarebytes Browser Extension for Chromefor Windows


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