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Designed to ‘look great, play great, and never get boring' Madfut is a free app that aims to create the optimal FUT experience. You can build the dream team and participate in knockout tournaments, all in an app optimized for a pleasant experience. With passionate developers constantly implementing new updates, you won’t run out of entertainment any time soon.

From fans to fans

A passion project from start to finish, Madfut is an app that was clearly made with the fans in mind. In it, you can build squads, drafts, and compete in knockout tournaments. These tournaments, while fun, also land you with some pretty sweet rewards. So not only will you have plenty of things to do, but you’ll be rewarded for them. No pointless tasks here!

Complete packs and get squads daily

The packs you open are unlimited, giving you innumerable chances to get any player you want. Player picks and new cards allow you to get a 100% collection easily and quickly. Just for playing the game, you get in-game rewards, such as the Squad Building Challenges and other objectives. Getting rewards is no trouble in this game. They come easily yet hard-earned.

New content year-round

Not only is the content of the app updated frequently, but daily events are also a staple of the activity in this game. Complete your Pack and Draft of the Day to get special rewards every single day. Actions taken in the app are never empty or soulless. Rewards you get are genuine for your efforts, so give it a go.

Our take

For anyone interested in building an expansive deck, getting this app is a no-brainer. Additionally, it wasn’t just built to hook you. But rather, it was built by fans, for fans, and will remain the best thing that the fans will want. If you enjoy soccer, you can also try FIFA 21 Companion app.

Should you download it?

If you are into deck building and an accumulation of progressive rewards, then this app is for you. With a passionate development team, continuously updated software, and progressive rewards, at the very least this app will be a fun download. 


  • Progressive rewards both daily and through objectives
  • Made by fans
  • Constantly updated


  • Some would argue that the rewards are too frequent

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

MAD FUT 21 Draft Pack Openerfor iOS


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