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Paid football managing game

Football Manager 2021 is a paid team management game available for iOS and many other devices, including consoles. The game oversees the seasons in 2021, with three new nations added to those from the 2020 version. However, this doesn’t make the previous version a poor choice to buy.

Tactical gameplay

Football Manager 2021 requires you to make many difficult choices during matches if you want to win your current league. However, if you’re new to this type of gameplay, you can use the templates that FM21 provides. There’s a wide selection of player roles and options that ease the process and help you make the right move. 

Motivate your players

Player motivation is a key feature in Football Manager 2021. You can make your voice heard and navigate through the media to get a bonus when you’re in a match. 

Everything you say will influence the harmony in the changing room, making it vital to keep team morale high. The interface will highlight any player feedback, letting you know that you made the right or wrong choice. The club captain maintains this link between you and the dressing room.

Choose a team

There are over 60 leagues across more than 24 nations that you can choose to participate in and grow your team. This wide selection gives you a variety of options for choosing which team you manage for the season. Once you have your club, you can choose any league or nation as your battlefield.

Among the nations, you can choose from are the three new ones to this game. Pick from Argentina, Mexico, England, the fully licensed Canadian Premier league debut, and many others. Additionally, you can maximize your action by setting up feeder clubs.

Our take

Football Manager 2021 is a great game for mobile and brings many new features over previous titles. However, if you prefer a free or more simplistic play style, you can try Soccer Agent: Football Game or Football Superstar. The interface alone is amazingly interactive, making tactical decisions a breeze. Of course, you can also try FIFA 21 for the ultimate soccer experience.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a fan of management games or football, this game is an ideal choice with its many new features and nations from which to choose.


  • Contains many features
  • Provides tactical templates
  • Motivate players


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    Football Manager 2021for iOS


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