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Castle Clash is a fast-paced base-building strategy game topped with constant battles for survival that Android users can enjoy free of charge. You build settlements, collect resources, manage armies, and defend your home, clashing with various attackers for your castle to thrive.

A fantasy setting

After the explosive popularity of games like Clash of Clans and Clash of Kings, I Got Games came up with another title to add to this ever-growing genre. Castle Clash places you in a fantasy world, having you fight with other clans to survive in a hostile environment.

While the plot itself isn’t that complicated, the developers put a lot of thought into the animation and the worldbuilding, creating a gripping setting. It uncovers parts of the lore as you progress, building the environment before your eyes. 

Multiple engaging mechanics

Regarding the gameplay, Castle Clash takes the approach of traditional strategy games. As you settle in a new land, you’ll have to collect and manage your resources, build a village, and recruit an army to protect it from the evil outside forces. 

Building armies requires tactical thinking. The game asks you to balance the ability, force, and other powers of your units. You also get magic, which lets you control the otherwise automated battle mechanics

Combat is the most exciting gameplay element, especially if you’re playing against other people. To avoid structural damage, you can add one of the many well-balanced hero characters to your ranks to save your settlements.

Singleplayer vs. multiplayer

This game has two modes, and both are online. Single-player lets you explore the mechanics and polish your skills, but most of the excitement comes from multiplayer. 

While you can go on quests, gather XP, and upgrade everything from armies to pets alone, multiplayer puts you head-to-head with other guilds and rewards you with more resources. You’ll have to spend gold (the in-game currency gathered or purchased) to enter battles.

Our take

Castle Clash doesn’t disappoint. It calls on your skills to build the best settlement and develop ways of protecting it, creating engaging gameplay through-and-through.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you enjoy this genre. While casual observers wouldn’t notice much of a difference between CC and its competition, fans will appreciate the well-developed mechanics and the worldbuilding.


  • Varied gameplay
  • Requires strategies
  • Single-player and multiplayer


  • Online only

Castle Clashfor Android


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