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Free Windows dodgeball game

Knockout City is a free Windows game developed and designed by Velan Studios and published by EA. The game has you team up with other players to play dodgeball against rival crews all-around a town called Knockout City. This multiplayer game has excellent graphics and is loads of fun. Similar titles include Rocket League, Baseball, and Alpaca Ball: Allstars.

Dodgeball on steroids

Dodge and catch balls flying across the city and choose from a variety of epic ball types. The game’s different modes will keep you on your toes as each new season brings new ball types, challenges, rewards, and events. When you run out of ball types, you can turn yourself into an ultimate weapon and tackle your opponents in this game inspired by real-life dodgeball. 

Make the city yours

Download Knockout City so you can rule the city by winning matches, known as brawls. Increase your attack rate with power-ups and by attacking rivals with specialized ball types. Each ball type has a unique effect when thrown; the standard ball lock onto a target and can curve when thrown. The moon ball lets you jump higher, fall slower, glide further, and leap over opponents. Cage balls aren’t harmful, but force opponents into a ball form for 5.5 seconds. The bomb ball explodes on impact, while the sniper ball is excellent for long-range knockouts. You can even turn into a ball in this dodgeball game.

Knockout city brawls

Alternatives like Rocket League, Baseball, and Alpaca Ball: Allstars are great, but none of them live up to the standards of Knockout City. Knockout City has five brawl locations, including hideouts. Win brawls to proceed to the next level and become the champion team; with good aim, precision, and practice, it’s possible to come out on top. Customize your clothes, build your crew, and create a brawler by changing their body type and attitude; you can even get unique KO effects. You can also get gliders, taunts, victory, and defeat poses, as well as unlock rewards like logos, vehicles, and more.

Our take

Knockout City is a great game and full of challenging levels that will keep you on your toes. You can compete in different parts of the town, like busy streets, skyscraper rooftops, and more.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you crave intense competition and fun, then this multiplayer game is what you need.


  • Free to play
  • Excellent features that will keep you interested
  • Graphics are excellent
  • Multiple platforms support the game


  • Not very popular

Knockout Cityfor Windows


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