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Kiếm Hiệp Tình 2 Mobile - Engaging story, fun gameplay

Kiếm Hiệp Tình 2 Mobile is a mobile game developed by Tepaylink Joint Stock Company. The game builds on the traditions of previous swordplay games but adds new features that make it even more engaging. It has bright, eye-catching graphics and a deep story centered around the legendary "Map of Son Ha Xa Tac," a treasure that could let someone rule the world. You can play it on an iPhone or iPad.

Engaging story

The story of Kiếm Hiệp Tình 2 Mobile is detailed and engaging, making it stand out in the world of mobile games. It's set in a world thrown into chaos by the search for the powerful "Map of Son Ha Xa Tac." This map is believed to give its owner the power to control the martial world, sparking fierce battles among different groups. The game takes players on a journey through a land without a leader, filled with ongoing conflicts and quests for power. Players play as heroes from famous martial arts sects, each trying to find the map and bring peace. The game challenges players with tough choices, as the quest for power can lead them away from the path of justice.

Fun gameplay

Kiếm Hiệp Tình 2 Mobile offers fun and engaging gameplay that mixes classic RPG elements with new, exciting features. The game is easy to pick up for new players but also offers enough depth for experienced gamers.

  • Playing Together: The game emphasizes teamwork with features like guilds and squads, where players can join forces and plan together.
  • Growing Your Character: Players can shape their characters through various quests, upgrades, and skills that suit their style of play.
  • Variety in Gameplay:
    • Quests of different difficulties and types.
    • Helpers and mounts that add more strategy to the game.
    • Many weapons and martial arts moves to learn.

With its range of options and vibrant interface,

 Kiếm Hiệp Tình 2 Mobile

 keeps each player's journey fresh and exciting. Regular updates and new features keep the game interesting and encourage players to try new ways of playing.

Kiếm Hiệp Tình 2 Mobile combines a captivating story with enjoyable gameplay, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a new mobile game adventure. If you love games with engaging stories, try this one out.


  • Captivating story
  • Fun gameplay
  • Great graphics


  • Movement control is a little small
  • Possible connection issues with Vietnamese servers

Program available in other languages

Kiếm Hiệp Tình 2 Mobilefor iOS


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