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John Wick Hex allows you to control the title character’s every move. The game is set as a prequel to the popular film franchise and does a good job of capturing the same edgy atmosphere. Hex refers to the villain you’re facing, as well as the style of play, where you move from point to point on a dotted grid.

Real-time stunts

This game captures the elegance and the action of the namesake films, and turns it into an engaging real-time action game.

The game is more than just a straightforward turn-based action thriller. Each move you take or decision you make requires a certain amount of time. This makes playing John Wick Hex all about strategy and action. You combine sequences of moves in a fast-paced yet satisfying frenzy. Violence and murder are rampant throughout, as well as puzzles and challenges.

There are some much-loved, familiar characters in the game, which will please loyal fans. You’ll be playing an original storyline that is involved enough to keep you entertained. This is enhanced by the accompanying soundtrack and minimal but effective graphics, suiting the action at every turn.

John Wick Hex is spread out over several levels with a great variety of settings. As you advance, you collect weapons and suits, and adjust to the gun-fu style of play. The difficulty level increases as you progress, which makes the game challenging enough to hold your attention.

The complexity of the moves and sequences is daunting at first; you do eventually get used to it, though. Despite the great setting and storyline, some aspects such as the set pieces or some fight scenes can feel repetitive.

Where can you run this program?

The game requires Windows 10, an i3 processor at 3.80Ghz, and 8GB memory.

Is there a better alternative?

No. For fans of action strategy or John Wick, this game lives up to expectations. If you’re looking for a similar title, games like Shadowrun: Dragonfall feature the same game mechanics.

Our take

What makes the game so appealing, besides the graphics and audio, is the choice not to make it a simple third-person shooter. Like the character himself, you need to keep a cool head in order to make the right decisions. This challenging aspect makes the game engrossing and rewarding.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy strategy, action, and the John Wick films, this game is sure to please.

John Wick Hexfor Windows


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