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Free to use iPhone management tool

iTools is a free way to manage the files and other aspects of your iOS devices. The application also has a premium version that comes with more features and quality of life upgrades. Do take note that this tool requires a wired connection from your iPhone or iPad device to your Mac computer in order to function.

Transfer Songs

Whether you’re transferring music tracks from your iPhone or your computer, the two-way transfer is fast and reliable. There’s no risk of losing a song while file sharing. However, all songs have to be from iTunes as it can only transfer officially downloaded songs. 

Export pictures

Along with music, you can export images from your iOS device’s gallery to your Mac computer. The entire process of transferring every picture on your iPhone to the computer finishes with one click. The images don’t lose their original resolution and are as clear as they were on your iOS device.

Personalize your device

iTools offers a few ways to customize your mobile device with ease. The software lets you take parts of your favorite songs and turn the melodies into ringtones. Once you finish using the tool on Tools, you can quickly send it to your phone and assign the default tone.

Backup your iPhone

You can quickly store and transfer a backup of all the data on your iOS device to your Mac to avoid data loss. Should you lose any information, you can reconnect your iPhone and restore the files back to your phone. The app is safe for use with your devices and private information is handled properly.

Simulate locations

For many games such as Pokemon Go, spoofing your location is a handy and sometimes required tool. iTools offers this feature, letting you change the location of your GPS within moments. However, if you want to re-enable the location services to their default, you can quickly restart your device to reactivate the default settings.

Our take

Overall, iTools is an excellent application whether you use the free version or purchase a premium license. The application is similar to its alternatives 3uTools and iSpoofer, helping you manage your storage and location data. The app is easy to use and completes many processes quickly.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad device and need to manage files on them, iTools is a great application to install to do that easily and efficiently.


  • Transfer music files between iOS device and computer
  • Instantly export pictures
  • Customize aspects of your device
  • Backup data


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