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Free Mac optimization tool

CleanMyMac X is a free macOS optimization app that delivers two primary services. Firstly, it cleans your Mac device for better performance like CCleaner, ensuring that it’s not slowed down by junk files. Secondly, it removes malware like Malwarebytes so that you don’t have any viruses infecting the system.

Many apps on your Mac cause clutter, which in turn slows down the overall performance. While you may want to keep some, CleanMyMac X cleans the cache from unnecessary items so that you can enjoy a faster operating system. It also makes suggestions of other actions you can take to improve it further.

One-click cleaning

Some Mac cleaning services take you through several steps or dump you with loads of information before you can get started. CleanMyMac X makes it easier for you, with just one click on an option to get the ball rolling. It informs you what the steps will involve and provides you with a detailed report when done.

Updater and uninstaller

If you have several apps on your macOS device that you want to keep or system software drivers that are essential, CleanMyMac X will ensure they remain updated at all times. On the other hand, it will also remove unnecessary programs that may be considered bloatware. You can select which ones you agree to have removed. 

Anti-malware services

As an added benefit, CleanMyMac X also eliminates malware and viruses from your device. It has a detailed database of the latest malicious content that’s regularly updated. It also protects your computer from adware and ransomware.

Our take

CleanMyMac X is an excellent program if your macOS is slow and acting strangely. It will quickly scan your device for bloatware and other unnecessary files, while app caches will also receive a deep clean. Viruses and malware are dealt with thanks to the anti-malware function, giving you the best performance.

Should I download it?

Yes, but you’ll need macOS 10.10 or higher for it to work effectively. If you have an older operating system, you’ll need to try a different application.


  • Updates and uninstalls apps
  • Removes malware and bloatware
  • Cleans unnecessary files
  • Clears app caches
  • Simple design


  • Only works on macOS 10.10 or higher

Program available in other languages

CleanMyMac Xfor Mac


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