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Auto Mouse Click for Mac: Software for boring tasks

Many computer tasks, from games to running a script, require repetitive, sometimes bothersome, clicking. Auto Mouse Click for Mac helps you automate these processes.

What is Auto Mouse Click?

Auto Mouse Click is a mouse automation utility software designed for Mac users. It allows you to perform multiple clicks at the current mouse cursor location. You can try out the Auto Mouse Click for free without the need to fill out any registration forms or deal with annoying pop-up reminders or restricted features. Simply download and use it on your Intel or Apple M1 Mac.

How does it work?

Auto Mouse Click is incredibly user-friendly. It emulates both left and right mouse clicks on Mac devices and provides various control options.

Create a configuration file and save your desired clicks, mouse strokes, and other settings. When you need to use it, simply open the saved file to activate the automation.

During the initial setup, you'll have access to numerous configuration options to fine-tune the program's behavior according to your preferences. You can also set up hotkeys for starting and stopping the program, as well as specify specific areas where it should run.

To configure Auto Mouse Click, access the options menu and choose the mouse button to simulate. Specify the interval time between clicks and the desired click count. Additionally, assign a hotkey to activate this configuration.

Whenever you need to execute a specific set of clicks, simply press the designated hotkey, and the application will automate the task for you. Thanks to its lightweight nature, it won't consume significant system resources or slow down your computer. The program also includes a Smart Click feature, which conveniently stores all your configurations for easy reference.

Another notable feature within this software is the ability to perform specific actions after the click sequence concludes. For instance, once the designated clicks are completed, the program can lock your Mac, put it to sleep, close a window, or even record and replay clicks as needed.

Features of Auto Mouse Click

Here are the features of the app:

  1. Configuration for automatic mouse clicks: It allows setting a maximum number of clicks or infinite clicks until stopped.
  2. Delay between clicks: Users can specify the delay between clicks in seconds and milliseconds.
  3. Start/stop clicking: There are buttons to start and stop the clicking process.
  4. Keyboard shortcut: Users can set a keyboard shortcut to start/stop clicking.
  5. Click type: Options to choose the type of mouse click, such as left click, right click, etc.
  6. Click at current mouse cursor location: The software can click wherever the mouse cursor is currently located.
  7. Send keystrokes to focused window: The ability to send keystrokes to the active application window.
  8. Additional controls: Options to minimize on start, menu in the status bar, no clicking sound, and an audible alert for the escape key.
  9. Tweaker: A slider that adjusts the click rate or another parameter related to clicking.

What are the practical applications of Auto Mouse Click? 

Auto Mouse Click empowers users to pinpoint specific areas on the screen for automated clicking and regulate the click frequency. With Auto Mouse Click, you can establish a continuous sequence of clicks at a chosen location, with the ability to halt the action at your command.

Additionally, the program provides a feature that enables you to restrict the clicking activity to a predetermined time frame through a built-in timer. In addition to automating mouse clicks, Auto Mouse Click extends its functionality to include the automation of keyboard keystrokes, broadening its range of potential applications.

Here are some typical scenarios where Auto Mouse Click can be employed:

  1. Work: Particularly valuable in office settings, Auto Mouse Click streamlines repetitive tasks such as spreadsheet management.
  2. Presentation: It proves beneficial for creating interactive presentations that necessitate precise click sequences.
  3. Gaming: Gamers can find utility in Auto Mouse Click, especially in resource-intensive free-to-play or multiplayer games, where it facilitates resource collection through automated screen clicks.
  4. Automation: Auto Mouse Click can automate various web-based activities, such as form filling. However, it is imperative to use this tool ethically and avoid any unethical applications, such as cheating in online games or employing black hat SEO techniques.

Is Auto Mouse Click free?

The Auto Clicker for Mac is a fully functional software utility that comes with a time usage limit. During the free trial download of the Auto Clicker, you can experience its full capabilities, equivalent to the registered version. Once you've exhausted the trial usages, the software will prompt you to enter a registration key.

Is Auto Mouse Click safe?

Auto Mouse Click is indeed safe for use. However, it's essential to recognize that click automation tools, while beneficial, are often mired in controversy. Their potential for misuse in online gaming, unethical SEO practices, or other fraudulent activities makes it crucial to restrict their use strictly for productivity enhancement.

Where can you run this program?

As its name suggests, Auto Mouse Click for Mac runs on Mac OS X and above.

Is there a better alternative?

While this program is good, you can benefit from free alternatives such as DewllClick and Random Mouse Clicker.

Our take

Auto Mouse Click for Mac is well-executed, easy to use, and offers a lot of flexibility. However, its usage is extremely limited and does not justify its price.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you often perform tasks that include a lot of repetitive clicking. Otherwise, it’s not worth the money to automate such actions with this app.


  • Helpful utility
  • Video tutorial included
  • Many tweaking options
  • Easy to use


  • Requires configuration

Program available in other languages

Auto Mouse Clickfor Mac


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