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Free software updater

IObit Software Updater does precisely as its name suggests: it scans installed programs and determines whether or not they need to be updated. If they do need to be updated, IObit Software Updater then finds and installs relevant files. It’s available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and 10.

How does IObit Software Updater work?

IObit Software Updater runs automatically once you’ve installed it. Its dashboard is an attractive blue that’s easily readable and clearly laid out. The left-hand side features links to ‘My Software,’ ‘Recommendations’ and ‘Store.’

The main panel lists all software found on your system, together with the latest version number, currently installed version number, and a button to ‘Update,’ ‘Auto Update,’ or ‘Ignore’ (if it’s outdated). At first glance, it doesn’t diverge much from other programs such as Ninite and CCleaner, except it’s remarkably fast.

Free vs. paid

Updating a program with the free version is quite fast, with Software Updater automatically creating a system restore point being the only thing that slows the process down. There’s also the option to reboot your computer after a program’s updated automatically. 

Unbelievably, the free version only lets you update two programs a day. The ‘Auto Update’ option is also only available for Pro users, so if you want to get the most out of Software Updater, you’ll have to pay out for a full license.

Additional software

When you install IObit Software Updater, it includes a recommended VPN program and IObit’s Driver Booster. Suggesting extra software isn’t uncommon when installing something, but it’s annoying and, if you’re not paying full attention to the set-up, you might accidentally install it.

The ‘Recommendations’ and ‘Store’ tabs also exist solely to push other software. Some of them are IObit programs, and a couple of other programs are advertised within the main dashboard panel.

Our take

IObit Software Updater is undoubtedly a powerful tool. It’s also largely irrelevant since it’s possible to find programs that provide the same service but include, for example, anti-virus or disk cleaners. IObit has those but tries to get you to buy them separately.

Should you download it?

No. Even though it’s safe to use, IObit Software Updater is ultimately an unnecessary standalone updater tool.


  • High-speed program scanner and update function
  • Huge software database to compare your programs against


  • Feels like it’s more interested in getting you to buy something else
  • Other programs combine a software updater with additional, useful features for free
  • Limiting the free version to only two updates a day is a transparent money-grabbing trick

IObit Software Updaterfor Windows

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