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Intelligent LED control system

No longer will you endure the hassle of using multiple programs to synchronize your computer rig’s LED colors. iCUE gives you full control over all your LEDs and more.

Light up your life

Immerse yourself in-game with the option to enable dynamic lighting effects that react to what happens on screen.

Many users spend hours trying to set their computers hardware up to be as appealing as possible. Finding the right case, choosing the quietest fans and color coordinating your LEDs to your situation or room’s color scheme. But configuring your lighting has always been hard due to control systems being unintuitive.

Fortunately, Corsair has developed the perfect solution called iCUE. Software designed to work with all your hardware’s LEDs to create a synchronized and beautiful lighting scheme for your computer. However, the software does only work with compatible parts.

Send shivers down your spine when you play horror games and remind yourself just how much damage you’ve taken in combat games. The software can enable your lighting to mimic fire for those moments when you’re on fire.

Create impressive color combinations thanks to iCUE being the most powerful tool available for RGB lighting. iCue works on all your hardware, including Keyboards, mousepads, mice, headsets, headset stands, RAM cards, CPU coolers, power supply units, and lighting nodes.

With so much creative license available, you’ll have to work hard to discover your favorite color setup, especially since you’re able to apply a multitude of effects to your lighting display.

Where can you run this program?

iCUE is available for Windows computers since most often this is the system that gamers play on the most.

Is there a better alternative?

Currently no, there are the default applications that come with your hardware, but those applications do not sync all the pieces of your computer together to create a unified lighting display.

Our take

iCUE is an incredibly useful program that gives you the ability to make an astonishing lighting setup on your computer rig and sync the lights with what happens on screen.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you use corsair products then this is a must-have lighting controller for you. It’s great for adding to your immersion in-game.


  • Intelligent control system
  • Powerful macro-control settings
  • Tune noise and cooling


  • Only works with compatible products
  • slight learning curve
  • Link profiles can’t be restored

iCUEfor Windows


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