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Free high-frequency forex trader

Published by Chris Terry, HFX Swipes is a free trading platform that aims to educate you with learning the trade of forex. Its features are reserved for forex traders who want to buy and sell stock while learning about the process.

HFX Swipes has the same functionality as apps like GoLive IM, Robinhood, SwipeCoin, and IM Goldcup. These apps will teach you the secrets behind becoming a successful trader of forex. 

Getting started is effortless

High-frequency trading is a type of financial trading where computer algorithms dictate when stocks are exchanged. They typically happen at an incredibly fast rate, which even humans can’t keep up with. Trade educators post their forecasts on HFX Swipes for you to learn.

The application is free and has a plethora of strategies and tips for traders. It’s different from other trade offerings in that it melds experts’ insights into currencies with the ability to purchase stock.

Who’s Christopher Terry?

Chris Terry founded and created what is known as the IM Academy. This institute provides courses to aspiring stock and forex traders. The website has been through a rebranding in recent years. Chris has also created several other programs to assist with trading in different stocks.

Other apps on the market

Nadex, eToro, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood, and operate in the same field but offer vastly different and strikingly similar products. Beginning and intermediate traders will find traditional trading confusing, but and TD Ameritrade facilitate an environment making you comfortable. For technical and well-versed traders, eToro and Nadex give you all the info you need.

Our take

This program offers trading newcomers a base to learn and apply their knowledge of exchanging currencies. The application is small, but it’s packed with robust forecasts of potential value fluctuations. The biggest downside is that the app is strictly for IM Academy students, which requires an investment.

Should you download it?

No. Refrain from downloading this application. There are other excellent options for traders to apply their skills through that don’t require commission fees.


  • Free expert advice available for trade predictions
  • High Frequency trading
  • Fun and friendly user interface


  • Registration fees are high
  • Must be a registered student of IM Academy to use the application
  • Social media links aren’t developed yet
  • No free tutorials

HFX Swipesfor iOS


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