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Free trading education platform

HFX Swipes by the developer iMarketsLive is a free educational platform for newb traders. Its system features leading veterans from the field that analyze high-frequency markets for profit. 

Historical data, charts, and professional reports are available in-app, providing trading education for anybody to succeed on the exchange. Similar Android apps include Fidelity, Uphold, MetaTrader, Robinhood, and TD Ameritrade.

Easier market analysis

HFX stands for High-Frequency Forex. It’s a method of participating in the forex market that allows brokers to profit from currency price differences.

HFX Swipes features six experts, high-frequency forex traders who send signals to the app users to assist them with potentially profitable sales. They also provide support for quick and better choices in this fast-paced market.

Like Fidelity, all presented information is user-friendly for beginners. The masters examine and share which pair of currencies, in which direction, and at which price, would yield the most earnings. They often include notes to clarify their reasoning, helping users to make informed, money-making decisions.

Straightforward user interface

The platform presents its high volumes of information across a slick white and purple interface. Everything’s easy to navigate, letting you focus on your trades.

You control the expert offers made by swiping past the trade ideas you don’t want and tapping on the ones you like. The History tab displays how previous sales panned out over time.

It’s all about straightforward, functional, hands-on learning with HFX. Compared to TD Ameritrade, the interface is much more to the point. You get insights from verified experts to apply to your trades, making it easier to learn the ropes of the notoriously complicated forex exchange.

Free and accessible

This app is available for Android and iOS devices, helping global traders on the go. It’s available in three languages for increased accessibility, is free to download, and also easy to use. Moreover, the developer doesn’t collect user data, which means the tool is safe for any trader.

Our take

Overall, HFX Swipes is an invaluable tool for forex traders. Its accurate leads and suggestions, in the form of simple notifications, facilitate trading thoroughly.

Should you download it?

Yes. Whether you’re a long-time trader in need of some assistance or an absolute beginner finding a place to start, this app has you covered.


  • Accurate trade ideas
  • Straightforward and beginner-friendly
  • Free to use
  • Practical trading tool
  • Educational content in-app


  • Stale trades don’t get removed
  • Doesn’t synchronize time zones

HFX Swipesfor Android


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