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IRS2Go is the free official mobile app of the IRS. Unlike TurboTax, the app doesn't have any functionality for submitting your IRS tax return, but it's useful for getting advice, checking your tax refund status, and making payments.

Is the IRS2Go app free?

You can obtain the Revenue Services’ application free from any reliable source. However, you’ll need to grant it access to your App Store account to maintain your records and data. 

How do I use IRS2Go?

IRS2Go has four features:

  • Checking the status of your IRS refund: Enter your Social Security number, filing status, and the amount you’re expecting back, then press ‘Get Status.’
  • Making a payment to the IRS: In the ‘Payments’ interface, choose your preferred payment method. You can pay directly from your bank account or your debit or credit card.
  • Free tax help: In this area of the app, you can link to free tax-filing software, free tax preparation assistance, and free tax counseling
  • Security: You can use this tool to generate a login security code for IRS services

What is the best tax app to use?

TurboTax Return is justifiably regarded as the number one app for filing your tax returns. TurboTax Return can scan your W-2 with the app and then fill in the relevant tax forms by extracting the required information from the scanned file.

As well as making it extremely easy to e-file your return, it can also explain the best tax status for you to optimize your tax refund.

With the option to continue across the iPad, iPhone, and Mac, it’s ideal for people who are constantly on the move.

Our take

IRS2Go is a simple but powerful app for connecting to the IRS and keeping tabs on your tax refund.

Considering that third-party apps like TurboTax Return can auto-fill the necessary forms from a scanned copy of your declaration, it would make sense for the official IRS to track your refund.

Should you download it?

Yes. It's a helpful app to access essential information relating to your tax return.

However, there are third-party apps that can directly file your return rather than merely track your refund, so IRS2Go is significantly lacking in that respect.


  • Clean, easy-to-navigate interface
  • Free
  • Generates secure login codes


  • Unable to submit a tax return via the app

IRS2Gofor iOS


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