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The official Inland Revenue app, IRS2Go, is designed to help customers with several tax-related tasks. You can make tax payments, check your refund status, and receive information about tax services.

Simplifying tax processes

An easier way to navigate tax information, IRS2Go is straightforward and fast with a few minor flaws.

The layout of the IRS2Go app is direct and clear to follow. You'll find it easy to navigate and arguably preferable to the fairly complicated IRS website. When it comes to completing fields, the integrated app keyboard leaves entering information to be seamless and intuitive. 

The app provides bundles of information, including tax advice, tax services, and phone numbers for local IRS offices. Although it delivers several other services, the app does not overwhelm the eyes. Of course, the app is also simple in essence, meaning you can't complete tax returns on it for example.

You also are limited in terms of resources provided, such as tax calculation tools. The modesty of the services offered will have you redirected to the IRS website, which ironically enough, defeats the purpose of using the app in the first place.

Overall,  the features that IRS2Go does offer are useful; however, you can expect an occasional error when retrieving tax refund status updates. As this component is one of the IRS2Go's main functions, it’s frustrating when the app doesn’t deliver.

Where can you run this program?

This app requires iOS 10.0 or above.

Is there a better alternative?

No. If you are using the app to make payments or receive status updates from the Inland Revenue Service, this is the program to download.

Our take

The app has its limitations but can still save you time with financial tasks. The tax tips and information are helpful, too.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you waste hours filling out forms on the website, then this app can be your time lifesaver.

IRS2Gofor iOS


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