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Quick snaps with a professional touch

This application is an optimal choice for extended photo shoots. It has plenty of fun tools to tinker with and a gesture system to simplify adjustments to exposure and manual focus.

A great fit for the iPhone

With its unique features and innovative interface, Halide is a camera app built for thoughtful photography.

This app is all about simplifying the picture-taking experience without sacrificing quality. It was developed with the iPhone in mind, and molds itself accordingly. Halide will detect the model you’re using and modify the settings and available features to best fit its capacity. The lens switcher, for example, works best with the iPhone 11 Pro. For the iPhone XR, you can take advantage of the manual depth capture for improved pics of your pets and objects. This change is seamless, which means only you will notice if you’re swapping between devices.

The interface is simple and impressive at the same time. Rather than a cluster of button icons for different adjustments, you can use special gestures to command the app. You can say goodbye to wasting time opening a menu, navigating to the specific function, and then changing it. All you need are a few swipes of your finger and voilà.

One downside of the app is that it struggles with focus. For some reason, it can’t achieve the same levels of detail that the default camera app reaches. Convenience makes up for this, though. You can use the entirety of the application with one hand. There’s nothing like snapping a few quick pics without clumsily bouncing your phone in your hand. This is improved upon with the quick-review feature, where you can review images right after you take them and before you use the save gesture.

Where can you run this program?

This application is available for iOS 6.0 and later.

Is there a better alternative?

No. While the default camera app knows how to focus, Halide has too many wonderful features to consider skipping it. ProCamera is comparable in terms of image quality.

Our take

Here’s a camera alternative that’s perfect for almost any situation. It works well for formal and casual occasions alike but truly shines during long sessions. The issue it has with focus is easy to overlook when there are so many other features that stand out.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a camera app with a fun and easy-to-use design, this is a great choice.


  • Optimized for one-hand use
  • Gesture-based interface
  • Tons of tools


  • Issues with focus

Halide Camerafor iOS


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